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free javascript editor

Free JavaScript Editor

The free JavaScript editor will be extraordinarily helpful if you deal with Internet files.

There is now a new version of jsEditor, which is called jsEditor96. All registered users can upgrade for free. If you are a registered user and you do not have the unlock codes, then please let me know and I will send them to you with pleasure.

You can download either the Free Editor or the 30 day shareware version of jsEditor. (Or both). Check out the tutorial files too. Screen shot...

Click here to go to the jsEditor download page Click here to go to the jsEditor download page (or click on the image on the left),

right-click to download the free javascript editorThe free editor is not for everyone. By freeing you from tedious tasks, it helps you write JavaScript code faster and more accurately. It is not a magic pill. If you have a little knowledge or you are learning the script, and you wish to learn more, you may find the Free Editor AMAZINGLY HELPFUL. There are no restrictions on the use of the Free Editor. The Free Editor is not jsEditor, although it resembles earlier version of the jsEditor several years ago.

To download the free editor: right-click on the image and choose 'Save Target As'. Or 'Copy Shortcut' and use your FTP client. You can also download and use the jsEditor for 30 days (previous image!).

The free editor does not have all the features of jsEditor. But it is NOT time limited. The 30 day version (below) has ALL the features of the jsEditor (it is jsEditor :-), but it IS time limited. It becomes the registered version when the unlock codes are entered

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The secret of creating amazing web page effects

There are no secrets to LEARNING JavaScript. However, there ARE ways to help YOU create code. jsEditor can help you do this because it can quickly and accurately produce boilerplate code.  JavaScript is easy. Of course, you have to learn the basics. When you have done so, you will discover what IS difficult. What is difficult is all the myriads of little tasks you need to do. The editor makes these tasks much, much easier. This is how the editor is especially helpful.

Even putting in the basic tags ...


<!--// Etc

... can be irksome when you want to check out a new program idea. And then there is adding filenames, .... titles ... colours ... etc. What the Free Editor and the jsEditor will actually do is to make writing code less irksome. Rather than getting bogged down with repetitive tasks, it lets you concentrate on writing impressive code..

Just insert the JavaScript tags (click!). Add the function (click!). And you have saved yourself 5 lines of typing and many returns to put the curly brackets in ... It helps you avoid errors and saves you time so you can create your code. And when you do get errors, the Editor will help you locate them (from the line numbers reported in the browser). So the editor can speed up your productivity and help you get your programs working: fast!

Get the Full Version online nowIf you are learning JavaScript (or HTML) the Editor makes it easier for you to understand what is happening. For example, you can see the relative filenames and titles in the boxes. In this way, the Editor helps you see what is going on and to understand.

You can register jsEditor online 24 hours a day.

The free JavaScript editor is a very basic plain text editor which you might find useful.

  • Line and Character numbers to help find Java Script errors!
  • Loads big files
  • Open file in Browser
  • Search and Replace
  • Open a basic HTML file to make a quick page
  • Add Java Script Tags quickly to save time and bother
  • It's very fast
  • Preview Files
  • Probably some other things too, but best of all, it's free!

Platform Windows 95/98. Windows 95 requires Internet Explorer 4+ installed.

Screen resolution: 800x600

Size: The free editor is about 350K as a zip file. jsEditor is about 2 megabyte as a zip file.

How to set it up: Unzip it where you want it. If you ask me really nicely, I might even mail it to you.

How to uninstall it: Just choose uninstall on your start menu!

How to download the Free Editor: Right click the image below and choose Save Target As ...

Right click to download

How to download the 30 day version: Click here or the image below, to go to the download page.

Click here to go to the jsEditor download page

How to use it: Just click a bit and you'll get the hang of it! It really is easy if you have used Windows programs! If you do have any questions, please Check out the tutorial included with the program.

Let me know how you get on!

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