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These are the resources I have found especially useful in writing this tutorial.

Wow! This is six years old now, and it is now of historical interest (ah hum!).


The products page on this site lists software that you may find useful in making web pages.

When you have a rather large site it becomes very difficult to deal with all the administrative tasks involved. Dating, Spell Checking, Searching and Replacing are not too difficult when one has a few pages, but with a larger site, it becomes, well dare I say it, 'A nightmare!'

I actually try a lot of software and I usually get fed up with it. The following have been used for some time and I use them regularly. They don't get up my nose too much!

I have used the following:

Microsoft Expression. I hate to say it, but this is indispensable for some tasks.

Marcus Monnig's 1-4 All HTML Editor which shows the current directory files and has a search and replace in files, code hints, etc! It's shareware and very cost effective! Where Front Page falls down, 1-4 All takes up the challenge. And vice versa. The two complement each other perfectly.

Mike Funduc's Search and Replace Shareware and a very powerful search and replace. One day, I'll learn how to use all of its features.

The above software is extremely useful and recommended!

HTML Information

Excellent Advanced Guide to HTML, by Brian Wilson

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