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Frames - The Columns First!

You can see that the side bar is now going right up to the top. This is because we first divided the page into columns, and then we divided the second column into rows. Here is the code;

  <frameset cols="15%,*"> This divides the page into columns and loads sidebar.htm into the first column, and reads on to find out what to do in the second column;
frame name="sidebar" id="sidebar" src="sidebar.htm" scrolling="auto" />

Here the browser gets the instructions. It divides the second column into two rows, and loads the two files into each row;

<frameset rows="15%,*">

<frame name="topframe" src="topframe.htm"      scrolling="auto" />

<frame name="mainframe" src="framesColFirst.htm" scrolling="auto" />


<!--Here we tell the browser it has finished with that column.-->


<!--And here we tell it we are finished doing rows. -->

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