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Double Menu Tutorial

Triple and Double Menu Tutorial

What does the program look like?

The following link gives you a screen shot of triple menu builder. We start with the triple menu builder because this is similar to the double menu builder except it has more boxes (one more box!)

How do I use it?

First of all, I suggest you plan your triple (or double menu). Decide what topics you need and what subjects you want in those topics. And for the subjects, what files you want. Once you have decided what you want in your menu, you can begin.

First of all select a project directory:

projectAndTopics.jpg (10739 Byte)By clicking on the return button (returnButton.jpg (837 Byte)), you open a directory box, where you can select your directory. The program needs to know where you are going to save your files, so you need to tell it this directory. The project directory is the directory where you are going to have your double or triple menu.



The next thing you might do is to save the project. You can save the project where you like, but it is more logical to save it in the project directory. But you might prefer to save all your project files in one directory, in which case you need to give them a name you will recognise, each time you use the project.

And now, you need to enter the topics, subjects and files (pages).

Entering the Topics

To enter the topics, you type the topic in the box named 'Topics' and press the button with the return sign (returnButton.jpg (837 Byte))

Continue in this way entering your topics, until you have entered them all, or prefer to enter subjects (You can add topics, subjects and pages anytime you wish. However, you cannot enter subject files until you have selected a subject, and you cannot enter subjects until you have entered a topic for them).

So, assuming you have entered the topics, the next thing to do is to enter the subjects.

Entering the Subjects

For each topic, you need to enter at least one subject. To enter subjects you need to have selected a topic for them.

topicsSubjects.jpg (15836 Byte)You can see in the picture on the left that the topic 'Courses' has been selected, and the subject 'Living Consciously' has just been entered. The return button is disabled because there isn't any text in the subject edit box, so nothing to enter. You need to enter another subject to enable it. You will also note from the picture that the top part of the word 'Tiles' is showing, orienting you to the position of the above picture on the screen. And also that the Project ID box is showing. This makes your menu unique, so if you wish to add more than one on the same page, you need to give them different IDs.

Back to making the menu...

Having entered at least one topic, with at least one subject, you can now enter the files (or pages) for each subject.

filesAndDirectories.jpg (15884 Byte)On the left hand side of each program (double menu builder, and triple menu builder) there are some boxes containing files and directories. To add files to the project, you navigate to the directory, in the picture it is 'personal_development', and then select the files you wish to add to the project from the file box, below the directory box.

You will also notice in the picture some buttons, two of which are Add Selected (Files) (addselected.gif (990 Byte)) and Add All (Files) (addAll.gif (1010 Byte)). You can add files to the project by clicking either of these buttons, when either all the files in the file box are added to the project, or just the selected files are added. The square button makes a new project, and the blanked out button is the 'Save Project' button, which is enabled only when the project isn't saved. You should, of course, regularly save your project. With large projects it is also wise to make backup copies of your project, by saving it under a different name at various stages of the build.

Adding Files and Titles

FilesAndTitles.jpg (40416 Byte)

The picture above shows the filebox, showing files on the computer, the Titles' box, and the computer filebox on the right (which refers to files in the project). You can see that some of the files in the computer filebox are selected. You can select a block of files using the shift key and the mouse or select individual files by using the mouse and the control key. You can add these selected files to the project by clicking on the 'Add Selected' button (addselected.gif (990 Byte)) or by dragging and dropping them into the files' box or the titles' box. (You could also right click and select 'Add Selected' from the popup menu).

The titles, by the way are the titles of the pages that are added. You can change the title by selecting it and editing it in the edit box below 'Titles'.

EditTitles.jpg (6923 Byte)In the picture on the right you can see that the title, 'Encode All Screen' is selected, and it can be edited in the edit box. After changing the title, you press the return-button and the title is changed. This is different from other boxes, where pressing the return button usually adds the text in the edit to the list.

So now you have everything you need to create a project creating a triple drop down menu.

createMenu.jpg (5944 Byte)You create the menu by clicking on the 'Create Menu Code' tab, which is shown in the picture on the left.

When you click on this tab, the program builds the menu, usually in a few seconds. You can then either view the menu in the viewer, or copy the parts as instructed in the code to parts of your page, where you want your menu to show.

To create the menu, see the next page.

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