The Unconscious Mind

The multi-dimensional unconscious mind

The unconscious mind is believed to have fewer limitations than the conscious mind.

For example, a person can recall an otherwise unknown traumatic incident while under hypnosis.

This means that recordings of the time sequence continue even though there may not be consciousness.

People have claimed to recall operations while under general anaesthetic. Although they were 'unconscious' at the time, they were able to recall what was said during the operation in sufficient detail to impress those present with the truth of their experience.

Similarly, people claim to recall past lives and early or even pre-natal experiences. The existence of such experiences does not create any real problems for the 4 dimensional theory of mind.

The viewpoint must survive the sequence of 3 dimensional scenes that compose our normal life. In order to have memory, the conscious mind must be able to view past scenes. This requries 4 dimensions.

The unconscious mind may also be limited to 4 dimensions, but because it operates without awareness it can see much more complicated things.

For example, identity is something hard to grasp with our normal mind because it is a 4 dimensional concept. With our conscious mind we are limited to 3 dimensions and a viewpoint. This makes 4 dimensions, but one is required for the viewpoint, so effectively the conscious mind is 3 dimensional.

The conscious mind cannot get to grips with concepts such as identity because they exist in higher dimensions. And in cannot take in the whole of our life at once, because this too is 4 dimensional.

However, the unconsicous mind may be able to take in the whole of concepts like identity and our-whole-life at one go, but it does so without awareness.

When the conscious mind tries to understand the unconscious mind, it must take sections of the information or use symbols.

In this case a symbol is something that represents the idea that exists in higher dimensions. For example,the unconscious mind might represent Justice as scales, or something. To a 5 dimensional being, such as one progressing in the World of Form, what to us appears to be something vague, bitty and hard to understand, is a clear and immediately understandable whole.

The unconscious mind may be able to be aware of higher dimensional things but be unable to refelect upon them. In communicating with the conscious mind these experiences are either sections of the hyper-object (a section of identity or Justice, etc) or a symbol for it.