Other worlds

In principle, there can be other worlds.

This page is about how the dimensions make the other plains of existence easier to understand.

Our world is a 4 dimensional world which we view as 4 dimensional beings. The interaction creates what we call time. And the apparancy is a changing 3 dimensional world with time.

If we were 5 dimensional beings, then we could view the present universe as a sequence of 3 dimensions changing through time.

If we were in 6 dimensions, we could observe our universe as an object, and simultaneously see the past, present and future.

We could also see other universes in the same way - everything in that universe an instant.

If were in 7 dimensions, then we could instantaneously perceive all worlds - everything in all universes in an instant.

It has been suggested there are the following worlds:

In the Plain of Illusion, we enter a new world, but view it rather as we did this present one. Although we can create in this world whatever we Will, things are much the same as before in that the apparancy is of a 3 dimensional world. We can create whatever we like and may not be aware of the consequences of what we create.

When we create something, there are other states created at the same time. If we create Victory, then (as someone must be defeated) we create Defeat. At the time, we might enjoy the Victory, but we have also created for ourselves Defeat at some time in the future.

Although we can image our Victory, and also, if we wished, imagine the Defeat of others which is a consequence of this, we cannot simultaneously see the whole effect of what we are creating. We need to graduate to the Plain of Form before we can do this.

The Akashic record is the record of everything that has happened and will ever happen. The future is often claimed to changeable and in a state of flux. What people perceive here is often symbolic.

So symbolic lovers might tell something of  love. A judge might appear to reveal something about justice. Death may appear indicate change. The point is the information is often symbolic and the meaning, in our world, requires interpretation.

This suggests that the information refers to something in a dimension that cannot be perceived, In this case, it may be the fourth dimension. The being tries to grasp the meaning of the world as a sequence of 3 dimensional scenes which he or she cannot do as a 4 dimensional being. Therefore symbolism is used.

In the World of Form, a 5 dimensional world, we begin to understand how Cause and Effect operate. We begin to learn how to simultaneously see both our Creations and the consequences of these.

If we steal, we gain something, but we have also created loss, at this time for another, but for ourselves in the future.

If we Will the enslavement of others to our Will, then we have created enslavement for ourselves in the future.

At the level of Form, we can see this clearly and obviously. We can both see our Creation and the consequences.

Although in 4 dimensional worlds we can create supreme power for ourselves, and the consequential weakness of others, we find it hard to see the consequences. What happens is that our power dwindles and we become weaker.

In the World of Form, we can understand how we can use our power for growth and advancement.

The World of Form can also be thought of the land where all the perfect Forms exist. So every triangle is an instance of the 4 dimensional triangle in the World of Form.

Every person is an instance of the 4 dimensional hyper-person in the World of Forms.

To 'see' these forms, we need 5 dimensions. We need to develop from the Earthly 4 dimensional life (or that in the Plain of Illusion).

At this level there is not the internalisation in particular 3 dimensional scenes as in the Earthly life or the Plain of Illusion because the being can view the World as a sequence of 3 dimensional scenes. He or she can scan the sequence, viewing past, present and future.

This is the start of freedom from matter, energy, space and time. But only the start.

Beyond the Plain of Form is the Formless World, or the World of Flame.

'Here matter, and form are gradually given up and the new world beyond forms begins to be experiences. '

In the 6 dimensional Formless World the being learns to see the World as one thing instantaneously. In 5 dimensions he can perceive the sequences of 3 dimensional scenes that are our current world. Here she can perceive these as an instantaneous whole.

He can perceive other worlds, but not at the same time. Although he can scan the sequences of different worlds instantaneously.

This is also called the World of Flame because energy and the control of energy is relevant. However, the meaning of this has more to do with 'flame' being a symbol for the great power of the universe.

Because at this level, the being can simultaneously see all universes as a sequence the consequences of creation are much clearer, even than at the previous level. As with the previous level the being makes progress with power and does not make the mistakes that lead to the loss of power, Earthly life, and the desire for reincarnation.

The Sixth Realm, or the Realm of White Light is the level of 7 dimensions. The being can see simultaneously everything. There is only a minimal dependence on the physical world because all of it is instantaneously 'visible' so there is almost no danger of slipping back into entrapment.

There lure of limited life in the old universe dwindles to almost nothing.

Beyond Space and time (the Seventh Realm), is where the being completely drops dimensional living of any kind, even the very minimal existence in the Sixth Realm.

This the state before the creation of the universes.