The Mental Dimension

The 4 dimensional conscious mind

The conscious mind is, at least,  a fourth dimensional entity. It is similar to or the same as time and viewpoint. Without mind, there is no experience of time. And without a viewpoint, there is no mind.

If we could not view the sequence of experiences that make up our lives, then there would be no memory for the previous scenes of our life.

To be aware of the scenes we require an additional dimension.

Hence conscious mind is at least a fourth dimensional entitiy.

In present time we view 3 dimensions. In remembering we view the past as a sequence of 2 dimensional pictures or one past incident as a three dimensional incident.

If we observe a past (or imaginery incident) in 3 dimensions, then we loose, temporarily, our experience of time and space in the present.

Hence the mind is a four dimensional entity, and it is, at least sometimes, limited to four dimensions. That is, it does not perceive in five dimensions.

When calls are made for all dimensions, then other calls cannot be handled.

When we are emotionally involved in a past incident, we are not aware of the present, or the passage of time. We are aware only of that past incident.

Therefore, we can scan the time track as a sequence of pictures (2 dimensional images) or enter a memory bubble and perceive it in 3 dimensions. But we cannot do both.

We can scan higher dimensions by sampling them in 4 dimensions.

We can flit from one 3 dimensional experience to another. Or even move to and fro between them.

We can imagine a 2 dimensional circle and a 2 dimensional square in the same place, but we cannot imagine a sphere and a cube in the same place! No two objects can occupy the same space in 4 dimensions!

Hence, we can:

  1. scan a time sequence of 2 dimensional images
  2. scan a sequence of feelings
  3. experince a 3 dimensional reality in memory
  4. experience a 2 dimensional picture and feeling

When a guide, counsellor or mentor is available, then this other person can sometimes provide another viewpoint and so that the individual can deal with other dimensions.

So an individual experiencing feeling in a 3 dimensional past experience could be guided through this experience by another person who provides the viewpoint. Hypnotic and other therapies use this approach. The individual may be unaware of the having been through the experience or have little memory of it.