Life after death

Is life after death possible or rational?

If we image our world as a series of 3 dimensional scenes viewed from a 4 dimensional viewpoint then the 4 dimensional viewpoint survives each of the scenes although the contents of the scenes do not survive.

If we imagine a little man drawn on a number of pages to make a cartoon animation, no page affects the other pages, but when the pages are viewed quickly we see an animated cartoon. The pages are instances of the animated film, but the animated film is not part of the pages. It is the whole of the pages

The pages are 2 dimensional. The time factor is the third dimension. And we as viewers provide another dimension. The animated character exists only because of all the other factors. So we view the film from beginning to end. At the end of the film we no longer see the animated character. And if the film is destroyed, there is no longer an animated character.

However, we, the viewers do survive the cartoon film.

In the cartoon film, is the animated character produced by the individual pictures or is it produced by the viewpoint?

The animated characters are produced by the viewpoint, but are also dependent on the slides. No slides, no animation. No viewpoint, no animation. However, the viewpoint survives the film. Even though the animated characters do not survive, the viewpoint does survive.

In our world the slides are 3 dimensional, not 2 dimensional pictures in the cartoon film. And we are the animated characters. But the animated character exists in the fourth dimension. It is not part of any instances. The viewpoint, too, exists in the fourth dimension.

Because the viewpoint is not part of the 3 dimensional scenes, it survives the world.

If we imagine the person as the hyper-being, then clearly the person survives life because the hyper-being does not change. The instances of the person in 3 dimensions only appear to change throughout life. The appearances in life are different manifestations of the same thing.

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