Can we know the future

If we could view 4 dimensions, then could we know the future?

A book, for example is a linear or one dimensional representation. If we are reading a story, we can turn to the end pages to find out how it all turned out. Because we do not have to follow the words one after the other but can jump ahead or back, then we can know what will happen in the end.

If our world is a four dimensional object, then the future is already written and if we were able, we could jump ahead and find out what happens in the end.

That is, if it were so, then we could do this in principle, even if we could not do it in practice.

However, within our description, the future may not be written or written permanently. The hyper-object, which is our universe, may be continually interacting with itself   and the past and the future may combine and change.

This may imply that the universe may in turn be a representation of an object with even more dimensions.

The conclusion we draw here is that knowing the future is possible in principle, but the actual knowing might not be conclusive because of interactions between the past, present and future.