The Emotions

An emotional experience or state is composed of at least:

  1. mental images
  2. feelings (in the body)

A mental picture has at least 2 dimensions and the feelings require at least one more. Hence emotions require at least 4 dimensions.

As we have only 4 dimensions in this world, emotions interfere with our experience of time. Time requires a fourth dimension and conflicts with the emotions.

Emotions also interfere with our viewpoint, because this occupies the fourth dimension. As time and the viewpoint are probably the same, they do not normally conflict.

Just as emotions affect time, because they use up that dimension, they also affect our experience of solid reality. We cannot experience 3 dimensions and the emotions at the same time. We have only 4 dimensions and one is taken up by the viewpoint; and 3 by the solid reality.

We can also be so overcome with emotion that the dimension allocated to the viewpoint is also taken up and the being loses consciousness.