How can we develop the spirit

From the dimensional viewpoint, how can we develop the spirit - that is our eternal selves?

There is, in philosophy, a paradox, which has haunted the subject for thousands of years. The question is, "Would we knowingly do wrong?"

And the logical answer is, "No".

Yet we know that we and others do knowingly do wrong. We know, to take a simple example, that eating a cream cake is wrong. Yet we eat it.

The word 'wrong' and its opposite 'right' are used here in a non-moral sense. Or at least in a non-goody-goody moral sense. That which is wrong harms us. And that which is right helps us. For example, when we make war on a neighbouring kingdom to steal their food, land and wealth, it may appear to be right and good in the short term. But in the long run we create the state of Defeat and Loss for ourselves, our offspring and the rest of the world.

Other nations get a similar idea from us and build up armies. Our own people see how the strong person takes what he or she wants. And they become treaturous and believe it is right and good to overthrow us.

Yet, even when we know this, we still do wrong.

We know that much of what we do in life is wrong - and I mean this very generally about human beings as seen on the television, in history, and sometimes in our own experience.

Criminals do wrong even though they know it is wrong. And governments go to war when they know it is wrong to do so.

It is probably true that all the things that are non-optimum in our lives and in the lives of others are due to ignorance.

Mental problems are due to ignorance. Crime by both governments and individuals is due to ignorance.

The spiritual quest is to overcome ignorance and attain a knowingness in which we do only what is right.


One of the reasons, at a low level, why we do wrong, is that we can, to use a trivial example, consider the unwanted state of obesity and illness because we eat too many cream cakes, and also conceive of the pleasure of eating a cream cake. However, we find it impossible to see both of these states at the same time.

In 4 dimensions, we cannot simultaneously see both of these states in 3 dimensions.

When we get internalised in one 3 dimensional scenario, we loose contact with other 3 dimensional scenarios.

So when we think, imagine, feel and dream of eating a cream cake, then we cannot think of the opposite or balancing scenarios. We go into that state and forget any others.

This is how ignorance arises.


We can move through 3 dimensional scenes with the help of a Guide. So we can go through an incident which is very emotional with the help of a guide who gives us simple instructions.

The guide might tell us to keep moving through the traumatic memory. And generally give us some support. The guide might allow us to be totally immersed in the incident and guide us through it several times until its emotional and entrapping force on us becomes less and less.

All of our 4 dimensions are taken up with the incident and its emotion and we might be hardly aware of ourselves and the passage of time.

The additional viewpoint of the guide leads us through the incident and enables us to cope with it and not back away from it.


Although we cannot obseve more than one 3 dimensional state at the same time, we can flit from one 2 dimensional scene to another. As 4 dimensional beings we can view one 3 dimentional scene, but this takes up all our available resources (espcially when emotion, too, is involved). However we can view scenes 2 dimensionally and be also view the sequence from our conscious viewpoint. This adds up to 4 dimensions.

This is viewing the various scenes in an incident from a disassociated viewpointl. Sometimes we can cope with strong emotional incidents by viewing them as if on a cinema screen. And even running the incident backwards.

Here we simulate the full scanning of our life in 3 dimensions from a 5 dimensional viewpoint. But this is not possible at this stage.

Scanning can help us to develop the skill of dipping into incidents and not getting trapped within them. By scanning we are taking a section of the experience and dealing with that. On our next pass, we might take another section and deal with that. We might make many passes flitting through the same section, if it is hard to deal with.

We can use scanning on the whole of our life (or our life so far) when we might scan through 2 dimensional sections of our life in the time sequence of our living.


Beyond these two techniques we can only progress, as 4 dimensional beings by using symbols. We might represent our life as a line and our previous and future lives as lines too. We can therefore imagine we are viewing our life and other lives by looking down on the lines representing our lives.

For example, we can imagine that the black bits on the white lines are times of trauma or difficulty.

We can view these by symbolising the 3 dimensional scenes as points on a line. The traumatic or negative (Karmic) areas may be symbolised in any way, usually with colours and usually black or dark colours.

We can therefore represent our existence in 4 dimensions by using a number of lines on a plain. In this way we can scan our whole existence now and in the future.

The above sequence is a section of what is really experience in 6 dimensions.