7 Dimensional Worlds

The ultimate world is one of 7 dimensions

Although we have used our little man example to try make more concrete our ideas, what we are exploring here is that life is a computer program.

A computer program can be one dimensional. It is a sequence. We don't mean a computer program written on paper (or something) but an electro-magnetic phenomenon (EMP) according to rules like a computer program.

The EMP phenomenon operates through time but it is not necessarily dimensional. What is certain is that our experience of the phenomenon is dimensional. EMP in the brain could have a multi-dimensional effect, but in itself it is a sequence of electro-chemical events.

If we existed in 5 dimensions, we could start the program and observe the the sequence of  'solid frames' from beginning to end. But we could not experience the whole thing at one go. For this, we need 6 dimensions.

That is, we need one dimension for our own time line. One dimension for the observed time line. And 4 dimensions to view 3-d solids all at once.

With 6 dimensions, we might also be able to be aware of other sequences of solids working out in a different way.

With 7 dimensions we could be aware of all sequences of worlds simultaneously and instantaneously.

With the little man, we can flip the pages and see the little man as a moving, apparently-living thing. We actually 'see' the animated little man. The animated little man is like an object.

In the same way, at higher dimensions, we actually see, as an actual object, what at lower dimensions is a sequence.

Suppose we read an account of a new object. We might read many thousands of words and eventually get some idea of the object. We might be able to visualise it exactly. But if we are shown a picture, then we can understand the object almost at once. No need to read thousands of words.

Words are a linear sequence. They are one dimension. A picture is 2 dimensional. Because we can perceive 2 dimensions, then the picture is like an insight. We see the new object in one go.

However, it may be the object is more complicated. And when we actually see the object, then we gain as much understanding as we can. We cannot go further because we cannot perceive more than 3 dimensions.

If we could, then we might see the object and its history, etc, all in one go, with instant insight and knowingness.

With 7 dimensions available we can know everything in an instant.