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How to escape from Flatland!

An allegory of multi-dimensions.

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Theory of Personal Development

Theory of Personal Development

Irrational Science


30 plus articles to help you feel better and control life more effectively.

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Metaphysics - What is Really Real!

The theory of knowledge

Notes on Alfred Korzybski's General Semantics

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How to be good at sales


Astrology Master Table of Contents
Planet or House Cusp
Astrology Books
Astrology: A Different Way of Thinking
Astrology Main Page
Astrology: the origin of numbers
astrology: meaning of numbers
Viewing the Sky
Is Astrology a Science?
Astrology and Science 2: more specific comments
Astrology and Science 3: Astrology of Science
Astrology: the seasons
What is Astrology?
Astrology: the Zodiac

Astronomical Astrology

Astrology: Time
Astrology The Moon - Phases and Telling Time
Astrology: Telling the Time at Night from the Stars
Telling the time from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere using markers, or points in a room


Astrology: Calculating the Ascendant
Astrology: Calculating the Ascendant Southern Hemisphere
Astrology: Calculating the Chart - Greenwich Mean Time GMT
Astrology: calculating the house cusps
Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time
Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time - Eastern Birth
Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time - Midnight Ephemeris
Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time - Southern Hemisphere Birth
Astrology: Calculating the MC
Astrology: Calculating the position of the planets
Astrology Sidereal Time
Astrology Required Accuracy in the Birth Data
Astrology: Calculating the Chart

Counselling Astrology

Astrology: Counselling and Therapy
Astrology: Counselling and the Four Elements
Astrology: Astrological Counselling

Learning Astrology

Astrology: Learning Astrology
Astrology: The Planets - A Comparison of Keywords
Astrology: Cardinal Fixed and Mutable
Summary of the Signs
Astrology: The Planets
Astrology: the signs
Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air and Water

Sun Signs

Sun Signs: Aquarius
Sun Signs: Aries
Sun Signs: Cancer
Sun Signs: Capricorn
Sun Signs: Gemini
Sun Signs
Sun Signs: Leo
Sun Signs: Libra
Sun Signs: Pisces
Sun Signs: Sagittarius
Sun Signs: Scorpio
Sun Signs: Taurus
Sun Signs: Virgo

Mind Mastery

Neuro-linguistic programmin based articles to enable you to master your mind!

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