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Welcome to the list. Please take a moment to review this message. This is a moderated list for those who are seeking to improve mentally and to learn about life, our true nature, and how to be more effective and happy both in a secular and a spiritual way. It is not partisan. It is concerned with seeking and learning what is workable without mindless adherence to some set of dogma. I will provide at least one article each week, and I hope you will contribute with comments and sharing knowledge. I am not an expert and I doubt there are any experts in this field of endeavour. However, I do know that there are ways in which we can live a better, happier and more effective life. And I hope that in return for my sharing what I have learned with you, that you will reciprocate and share with us all.


Ken Ward

Feel free to write to me at: kenjward@enterprise.net And check out these sites for a flavour of what we are seeking and working on: My Site: Freeing the Mind

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