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Hi Monika,

The 6-step reframing was made popular by NLP people, although it has a very old history.

Firstly, we wouldn't just have one technique to use. It might be a good idea to have a little series on handling parts. This technique can be used on almost anything, but there may be better approaches.

do you feel that this form could be used on Alcoholism,

Multiple approaches might be better here. One might be what is called collapsing parts. We can look at that later. Remember, that with this type of therapy, a sober alcoholic can get quite drunk and even dangerous, when the drunken part is activated. With alcoholics, there may be traumatic incidents which need handling too. Having said all this 6-step reframing can be used. A short-cut question which can produce remarkable effects is 'What would you be doing if you weren't drinking?'


Yes, 6-step can be used. Another method is called the Swish Pattern, which can be much faster working.

How about if someone has Bipolar (manic-depression) or Unipolar Depression?
Other mental illnesses or addictions?  Real control is out of the hands
of someone with a mental illness or an addiction,

This doesn't mean another can't help them.

but I question how
this would help the person, especially when it concerns something like
Bipolar or possibly a psychotic illness.  This would suggest that this
person would learn how to alter their chemical makeup in their brain?

Yes, that's right. They do learn to change their brain chemicals. We do this all the time. Your brain chemicals are different when you laugh from when you cry.
It would have to be...this would lead us back to the topic we once
talked about :

Some schizophrenics have a characteristic PET scan image. If you or I act barmy and take a PET scan, we would produce a similar image (actual research result). I don't think there is conclusive proof that schizophrenia is caused by chemicals in the brain, or whether barmy behaviour produces chemicals in the brain.

Similarly, although depression is thought to be chemically based, Cognitive Psychology can work faster than anti-depressant drugs. (I mention Cognitive Psychology because a lot of research has been done in this area.) Similarly, nutritional supplements have sometimes helped people with serious mental illness. A person taking anti-psychotic drugs is a little trapped as to suddenly stop taking them can have undesirable effects.

It is horses for courses. Taking appropriate drugs can sometimes be the better choice, but it isn't the only one.

Further, people dying in Emergency Rooms have been helped to recover using psychological, spiritual methods. There is some interesting work on a doctor who used hypnotic suggestion on patients who had stepped in molten metal, etc (he was on-call for a metal plant) and the videoed results are amazing. (Unbelievable!)

There is some reasonably careful scientific work on false operations. Surgeons cut the patient open, sew them up and don't tell them they didn't have the operation. The results have often been as good as if not better than the real operation. The mind is very powerful. However, normally we wouldn't use psychotherapy for urgent matters! Or in place of any urgent treatment.

As 6-step reframing doesn't do any harm, and might do some good, there is no reason why it shouldn't be used in all the cases you mentioned. (I'm talking theoretically now.) In real cases, we would want to be able to choose what we think is the best technique to use. It may or may not be 6-step reframing.

People with serious mental illnesses are usually on powerful psychotropic drugs so psychological techniques can only have a temporary effect. There is the alleged illness and the drug to contend with!

With serious cases, we'd certainly want a full tool box to handle them. Because of the drug problem, we might not want to get involved, unless we had a controlled environment and a sympathetic medical practitioner to work with.

It is hard to help people on certain street drugs permanently until they have got the drug out of their system. This might take a few months from the time they last used the drug.

Anyway, I mentioned the technique for people who are normally mentally sound, but have a few issues to handle!

Controlling blood-pressure and the like.  Interesting!
Let me know what you think,



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