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... Ask it to work with your Creative Part. ...

HOW about instead of asking what  you call the creative part  you ask the spiritual part which by the way is  part of the creative part.


Ask the part if it would be willing to create new behaviour for  you, if it would still be satisfying its positive intention. Parts always  agree to this.

Parts will agree to this if the whole soul is there. Some times  one must go and find the part of the soul that is missing.

Yes, soul retrieval may be necessary.

Do remember to start the procedure with a positive attitude.  ... However, you must maintain control. You must  be responsible.

YOU are the one who determines if you are going to get anything  from anything in a learning experience. This is determined by your  attitude if you think negatively all you will get is negative feedback if one  thinks positive one can see the negative for negative and see the positive still. 

A little bit of wisdom there. Nicely put.

Parts are normally bits of us which have split-off because we  haven't accepted and acknowledged them as parts which have our best  interests at heart. Occasionally, they appear to be entities, in which case they  will go away as you work the process. This is so rare it will almost never happen.

Here I have to say no true it does  happen but society as a whole and I am talking whole earth here doesn't want to  hear or wishes not to understand. This is one of those phobias that this  earth has just look at religious history for prove. So I will ask you to have  an open mind on this.

The procedure is set up for this to be true.

We have to set a balance between the wishy-washy that everything is good, and the wishy-washy of evil.

Ultimately, there is no good or evil. But this is an advanced concept which can become wishy-washy in our everyday lives. You are quite right in taking a balanced attitude. The unwillingness to confront evil and good is a weakness of humanity. Ultimately there is no good or evil, but at our present state of understanding there are things which appear evil to us and which we would do better to remove from our lives. In the end, if we are to attain unity of understanding, the positive intention of these must be discovered and understood. But perhaps not today! This does not relate to 6-step reframing, though.

A mistake some spiritual workers of many diverse persuasions  might make is to regard the entity, or part, as an evil spirit.

Why do you call this a mistake of  spiritual workers?

To regard an entity as evil, when it isn't is a mistake. Just a regarding it as good when it isn't is a mistake. By 'some spiritual workers' I do not mean 'all'. I mean particularly some unnamed organisations and cults.

Why do you believe that their are good spirits and not evil  ones.

Conventionally, I believe that there are good or bad spirits. Ultimately, however, I do not believe that absolute good and evil exist. This must eventually be solved by each of us, but, as I said, perhaps in a few 100 lifetimes ahead (or tomorrow).

Any troublesome entity is probably one we have married, murdered, worshipped, profaned, cheated and abused many times in our pasts. It has probably done the same to us. Sometime, we have to come to terms with this.

We say that person is saintly or devilish why is it so hard for you  to think or conceive that maybe their are spirits out in the world. Why do  you think you have deja vu? Why do you think that things are so unexplainable sometimes? Why do you believe that their are no angels?

This depends on our level of understanding and experience. Conventionally, I don't disbelieve these things.

What do you consider misguided the   psychologist that doesn't pay heed to the spiritual side of the  person whole system. They are just proving emotional sides and the way the mind  thinks has an affect on the physical side of the  body.

Yes, indeed. And they don't always consider the effect which the mind can have on the body.

So why is it  so hard for people to see that what they believe how they use their energies  is going to affect the body as well.

Lack of personal responsibility... Unresolved past issues... Group connivance at the false belief that the here and now is all there is. ... Naughty things we got up to in the past we don't want to admit to. .. Misunderstandings. ... And ignorance about the true nature of fun...

It is not so hard. Why do people  have closed minds? Is their phobias so deep is their believe so shallow?  I don't think so but hey maybe I  don't know a damn thing.

At root, we all know the truth. Yes, our phobias (or traumas, or guilt) is so deep that we dare not think, so our thinking is shallow. You are exactly right, as usual. Your comments are always thought provoking and enlightening.

Great fun pretending to be material bodies, isn't it? Or has it gone too far? Is it time we started to make the journey home, and come to terms with our true nature?


Ken Ward

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