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This is technique is best used with those behaviours that we cannot control. Something we know we shouldn't do, but do or something we'd like to do, but don't or can't. It has both psychological and spiritual aspects.

We identify our problem, something we want to change. We assume that a part of us is responsible for this behaviour. A part that is acting outside our conscious control and awareness.

We acknowledge that the part responsible for the behaviour has a good intention (although it might be that the behaviour is not positive). This is a crucial step. Some people find it hard to understand that, for example, losing their temper has a positive use. Or feeling nausea can be useful. Sometimes we think we are so good, we cannot accept that something bad is part of us. In an ultimate sense, we cannot accept that we are responsible for everything that is happening to us. Yet nausea would be very valuable if we had eaten poison and getting angry might be appropriate if we encountered a serious wrong. And we are responsible for everything that happens to us. Every behaviour has a positive intention.

The next step is to get into communication with the part. Ask the part if it is willing to communicate with you in consciousness. This will be a feeling or something outside your control. Get it to use a code for Yes and a code for No.

Now ask it for its positive purpose. This thought will pop into your mind and you may find it surprising!

Now don't forget to thank the part each time it does something. Acknowledge it for helping you and working with you. Avoid criticising it. Accept it is doing what it is doing for the best. It is just misdirected. Be positive about it.

Ask the part if it would be willing to create new behaviour for you, if it would still be satisfying its positive intention. Parts always agree to this.

Ask it to work with your Creative Part. Ask your creative part to create lots of solutions from which the part being reframed can choose three. The Creative part creates as many behaviours as possible, not just good ones, and the part being reframed picks 3 solutions it can use.

Ask the part to give you a Yes signal every time it finds a solution it can use. Wait till it gives you three Yes signals. This will take a minute or two.

Alternatively, you can suggest possible solutions or behaviours to the part and find one it agrees to and gives you a Yes signal. For example, a part which creates pictures and sounds about bad things happening (worry) might have the positive intention to keep you from harm. You might suggest it creates pictures and good feelings about doing things which will help you achieve your goals. This is only an example, and you would work things out in an acceptable manner with your part.

Finally ask if there are any other parts which object to the solution. If there are, then you need to find another solution which the other parts can agree with.

Six-step reframing can be used for many, many conditions that are apparently out of our control.

Do not use six-step reframing for conditions where the negative behaviour is difficult for you to handle. For example, with phobias. The reason for this is that the part's signal may be the phobic reaction. There are better techniques to use for phobias and the like.

Do remember to start the procedure with a positive attitude. You might say a prayer, if you are that way inclined. If you believe in spirits you might ask other helpful entities to be present. They might help by finding solutions, etc. However, you must maintain control. You must be responsible.

Parts are normally bits of us which have split-off because we haven't accepted and acknowledged them as parts which have our best interests at heart. Occasionally, they appear to be entities, in which case they will go away as you work the process. This is so rare it will almost never happen. However, get their positive intention. Let them go in peace and love.

A mistake some spiritual workers of many diverse persuasions might make is to regard the entity, or part, as an evil spirit. This may invoke guardian beings who try to see-off the entity or suppress it. If these protectors don't like what they see, they will call for giant helpers who are always instantly available and keen to help human spirits. Other people use symbols and less noble spiritual helpers. Either course terrifies the part or entity. It does not ultimately help the person concerned and the basic conflict remains. Parts sometimes give a negative intention, remind them, strongly if necessary, that you want their positive intention. When you have their positive intention, they are good. Even if they are misguided.

If you don't believe in the stuff above, the procedure still works. Do it exactly as stated.

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