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Let's Read Some Minds!

I don't know why I am writing about telepathy because I don't really believe in it, but there are some strange things I have experienced which make me wonder...

Many years ago, a friend who had been doing spiritual exercises, told me he could pass messages from mind to mind. We had a demonstration. He wrote something down, passed the message, I saw it, and he showed me the paper, which was the message exactly.

For years later I believed that what had happened was a telepathic communication. I never asked him to demonstrate it again because I believed with absolute certainty that what had happened was telepathic.

I knew what his message was. I needed no more proof.

However, much later, I stopped believing, basically because I learned about some of the habits of the mind (which conjurors use) and about subtle hypnosis. I had explained away the telepathy. Yet ...

One day I was following a woman with a baby out of a supermarket and the baby was creating a fuss because it had dropped its toy. This baby must have been about 2 years old, or even younger. The tired mother was angry and had to pick the toy up. I was negatively evaluating the brat, and feeling sorry for the mother when it suddenly looked up at me, grinned and seemed to communicate, 'Well, I really wound her up, didn't I?' Although I was tired and fed up at the time, I brightened up and grinned back. Whenever I think of this and the baby's smile, I can't help but grin and feel good. Yes, I know, I could have just adored the cute character and imagined something. Perhaps I did. Yet, I was very tired and normal everyday events would not have changed my mood that easily, after wandering around a supermarket! There is always some way to explain the 'non-physical' in physical ways.

Many people say they can communicate with their pets, and that their pets understand every word they say. Have you ever had a cat look at you and you know it wants to go out, be fed, or something? That these communications are obvious may even suggest telepathy more strongly!

Once when I was left alone in a friend's house with their dog, which had asthma type attacks, it came to me and started an attack. I looked at it in a friendly way and thought, 'If you have an attack, I won't bother about it.' It did not have an attack. On every other occasion when it made such a noise, its owners fussed it and rubbed it and uttered sympathetic noises, while it gasped and choked away for several minutes. Did an actual communication occur? Did it know that I didn't want to play that game? Or did it pick up on my non-verbal behaviour?

I have little experience of violence, but once in Japan a group of people began to tell me they were Yakusa, Japanese bandits, and I felt a touch on my shoulder. I turned round and smiled at the person and noticed that his expression changed from extreme anger to unmitigated terror! He lowered his fist and looked at me totally consumed with fear. He couldn't move. That the situation was really aggressive was demonstrated by a Japanese girl's returning with the rest of our party who were forced to exchange blows, and by the arrival of Japanese constables who arrested the Yakusa. I often wonder why my warm smile produced such fear.

Of course, there are people who speak as if they can read your mind. They say, 'You think this,' or 'You think that.' But this kind of mind reading is often way off the mark and is mere projection of the other's thoughts on you.

The examples I have mentioned above are ones rather of a feeling of certainty, even knowingness rather than mere words. All can be explained in some 'rational' way. Personally, I am not really bothered by the explanations, but the phenomenon are real and interesting.

Why not try this. As you walk along the street, or drive in your car, or whenever you are with other people, get the idea that they like you whatever your face might express, and whether they appear to notice you or not.

Why not try, thinking 'Hello' in a friendly way to passers by, and imagine they think, 'Hello', back!

Until our next communication.

Ken Ward

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