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Fly into a good mood!

Have you heard the expression 'fly into a rage?' Have you heard the expression 'fly into a good mood?' I suppose you haven't. But have you ever felt a bit down and someone or something reminds you of an time when you were very happy, amused or successful in something? And quite suddenly, you no longer feel down, but you are laughing, excited or full of optimism? Have you ever been in the middle of a row when the telephone rings, and you find yourself flying into a good mood and speaking to the other person as if nothing had happened? You may never have heard the expression, 'fly into a good mood', but everyone has had this experience of within seconds getting into a different state, or witnessed others doing so.

We can use this fact in several ways. One way you can fly into a good mood is to use this simple technique:

When you appear to have a problem, ask:

'Suppose this problem were solved, how would things be?'

What would you see? See them now in your mind's eye.

What would you feel? Feel those feelings now!

What sounds would you hear? Hear them now!

When you are thinking that your problem is solved, and you are experiencing what you would experience when your problem is solved, how can you feel other than good?

An even quicker approach is to ask:

'How would I look if this problem were solved?' (Like the cat that got the cream, I suppose!)

So when events are less than optimal, fly into a good mood. You can handle things better in this state!

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