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How we are programmed

Although we prize ourselves as humans for having choice and freewill, we apparently come into our human form with a number of programs that are intended to be our best shot at preparing us for life on Earth. These programs are not chosen and have a great deal of control over us. Savvy individuals have used their knowledge of this human pre-programming to exert considerable control over us.

These programs can be named (to use a list based on a recent book):

  • Sex
  • Power
  • Security
  • Social
  • Purpose
  • Territory

There are many suggested sources of these programs including parts of the brain, conditioning, space implants, etc.

The interesting point is that these are powerful controllers of our behaviour and that they can act outside our will and consent. Newsmen have long used these concepts to get us to read their stuff. For example: 'Police close local sex parlour!'

This one probably appeals to power, sex and territory. The point is that such events activate our programs and we 'have to respond'. In one interpretation, our brains have been stimulated at a base, unconscious, level and we put aside our 'reason' and are impelled by our brains to act in a certain, pre-programmed way.

We do, of course, vary in the strength with which we are impelled by these programs. Some are very high and others could be almost non-existent. Yet when one of these programs goes off in full swing it is very difficult to be rational.

By knowing about these programs and recognising them when they fire, we can do something about their effect.

When Dickens had David Copperfield's caretakers came to take him from his Aunt, it wasn't reason which impelled her to drive them away, it was their donkeys on her land. They had invaded her TERRITORY and she responded with anger and violence towards them.

If something about the other activates our SEX program then we no longer find that person's views unacceptable, or their choice of dress or occupation offensive, but we find them overall attractive and agreeable, and we sometimes do something that later - perhaps years later - we come to regret.

Many people in the self development movement are interested in the PURPOSE of life - what it all means, and where we came from. Are we spirits? Are we bodies? Yet this appears to be program or a deep brain function which impels us to make sense of our lives in some way. Those with an overdeveloped sense of purpose often do things, which if their reason were active they would not. Witness the regret of those who joined strange cults and did things, which in hindsight seem to them to be ridiculous.

Some people worry about burglars and losing their jobs to an inordinate degree. Reason and common sense do not seem to help them. When our SECURITY or SURVIVAL programs are in full swing we are concerned about little else.

These programs are a best guess by our designer to enable us to live well in our present lives. To give us a jump start. But they do not always work out well, when they are not controlled by reason. They make survival for animals more likely, but in our human society they can also cause the most unpleasant things. Serial killers are often motivated by POWER. Wars sometimes result over TERRITORY. We have relationships with undesirable people because of SEX. We join and are manipulated by strange cults because of PURPOSE.

Those who understand these things can play us like a fiddle, getting just the response from us that suits their (sometimes bad) purpose.

We can, of course, get some sort of control over these programs, which are good in intent, but not always good in terms of results, and future consequences. If we didn't have these programs life would be dull or non-existent. Yet we need to come to terms with their negative implications and learn to 'play' them for our own benefit and pleasure

The first step is in recognising that an implant has been activated and that our Reason is being threatened. Dealing with them by naming them has long been known as a powerful control technique. By recognising them and recognising that they are not part our conscious control and choice, we can gain more control over them. We can let them go full swing when we have decided this is good. And move onto another program if we think they are not appropriate on this occasion.

By seeing that they are not 'us' but something implanted or part of our brains, we can reduce their power and decide to let them run or not - thus gaining more freewill.

Brain Tricks : Coping With Your Defective Brain
by David L. Weiner

This book explains, along with practical adivice, how our brains may lead us astray in such areas as: purposes, social programmes, power, sex, territory and security. These 'innate' programs set up for biological reasons which might no longer apply, may lead us astray and enable us to be manipulated. A good read too!

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ChangeYourBrain.gif (9880 bytes)Change Your Brain, Change Your Life : The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness
by Daniel G. Amen

A book that talks about the way in which the brain affects or controls our thinking and behaviour and how our knowledge of this can help us change the way our brains affect us.

In the book, the brain is divided into 5 areas: prefrontal, cingulate gyrus, limbic system, basal ganglia and temporal lobes. Each is related to the problems we might have. By pinpointing the areas of the brain which 'cause' certain behaviours, these can be targetted and treated in a scientific way.

He suggests nutritional, behavioural, medical and cognitive techniques to deal with specific issues, and also gives advice on personal development.

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