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Emotional Mr Men and Ms Ladies

In this posting I look at emotions and how, although we always create our
worlds, we colour the world with our prevailing emotion. When we realise
this we can see the humour and release ourselves from temporary discomfort,
and sometimes from quite strong negative states.

When we are experiencing a predominant emotion, we might not realise how
this affects the way we think and react to our world. When we feel good it
seems to be less of a problem but when we experience negative emotions, such
as grief and fear, then we colour everything with these emotions too. When
we feel good, we also colour our experiences with that and we can sometimes
experience something as good when it isn't! Whatever the emotion, we think
our experience is actually reality. It is. It is our reality. We always
create our reality. It is something that changes with our emotions and

When we are sad we think that everything is depressing. All our observations
and thoughts are interpreted as sources or signs of hopelessness or sadness.

When we are afraid, almost everything we see, hear, think, etc is
interpreted as frightening or boding some evil or threat.

When we are depressed then everything seems pointless. The news is grim. Our
feelings are just sadness. We cannot bear the conversations of others. We
want to withdraw and hide away.

Let us take the statement, 'We are the creator of our lives'. When are in a
positive mode we see this as a great opportunity. A chance to create
something that is good for ourselves and others. We can think reasonably and
bring about good conditions.

When we are in an angry mode, we consider the cause of the ills of ourselves
to lie with others and, therefore lying with some other cause than
ourselves. We, consequently deny our native spiritual state of creation and
responsibility. We grant it to enemies! Actually, we deny our responsibility
in all negative states. We see the solution as destroying or stopping things
happening. Our predominant interest is in war, fighting and revenge.

When we are in a fearful mode, then we experience things in the opposite
direction to anger. We see the world as threatening to us. Every thought and
perception is interpreted as insidious. If we turn our awareness to our
stomachs, we think we have a terrible disease of the stomach. It we think of
going to the toilet, we think how terrible it would be to want to go when
there is not toilet available. If we win a holiday abroad, then we think we
will be attacked and murdered by foreigners. We are interested in threats
and seek out information about threatening things. Every banal and every
positive event or thought is interpreted within our current mode of fear.

When we are sad or depressed, then every thought and perception is sad and
depressing. When we hear of good news, we think that this good thing will
not last long (if we grudgingly have to admit there is some good there!) or
it will have bad consequences. If we win a holiday abroad, we think we will
have to pay a lot ourselves so it won't be worth it. We think we won't have
any enjoyment there. When we turn our awareness to our bodies, then we think
the sensation is one of sadness, like a lump in the throat ... a heaviness
in the stomach. Any thought that crosses our sad minds is interpreted in a
sad manner. We are interested in sad things and sad happenings.

There is also an important-to-know mode for self-developers. This is called
apathy. It is important to think about because sometimes we are encouraged
to be un-emotional and un-reacting. This is a state somewhat like a dead
body. Yet in some systems there is the image of the super-being who is
unaffected by what normally upsets people. This can be a state of apathy.
Such systems can pull the spirit down so that it appears to be highly
developed but has lost the ability to feel and express emotions. It is
sort-of dead. Apathy can be a desired state and people in apathy are loath
to leave it because they have to go through the emotions of sadness, fear,
and anger until they reach the state of happiness or love, and beyond. Some
quite well-known systems can create a kind of apathy. When you cannot feel
sensations or express emotions, then there is no pain. Yet this is the very
nadir of spiritual progress.

As I re-read the above account of emotions colouring our lives I find it a
little amusing and I am forced to smile. It puts me in mind of the Mr Men.
And I think of a Mr Angry, Mr Fearful and Mr Sad. (I usually try to write
non-sexistly, but here I have to ask you to substitute the Mrs Ladies, etc
... ) And here lies a clue to dealing with emotions when we experience a
negative state.

When we realise that we create our lives - whatever. And when we are feeling
afraid, or feeling some unwanted emotion, then we realise that we are
creating this state ourselves. The world hasn't changed over night. We have
changed our emotions. So like the Mr Men we have become Mr Fearful and so
everything is interpreted fearfully as a threat. We can think of examples of
good things and know how we would react to them in our current emotion or
mode. We could do it as we did it above. As we list the things with the
awareness of our state or emotions we can become aware how we are still the
masters of our universe even if we are creating one that we do not like. The
image of the one-dimensional Mr Fearful moves us from being fearful to some
sort of bathos where the fearfulness of everything becomes highly amusing.

Another reason this makes us feel better is that we are not denying our
current state. We are accepting it and taking it to its ridiculous
conclusion. And restoring our natural state of happiness.

When we truly accept responsibility (responsibility means we are creators of
the cause and of the effect - it is very much like Karma), we know we are
the creators of our world and what the world is depends on our creating. At
a higher level we can experience the world with all emotions and therefore
understand it fully without being drawn into any of the emotions. We are not
deceived because we are in a positive mood or negative because we are
feeling afraid or angry. We adopt the predominant emotion that fits the
category of experience - and feel sad, afraid or angry - but not too much.
And we do not get stuck into these emotions.

Sometimes we have to crawl up out of these states and I will deal with this
in the next posting.

Anyway, who are you being today? Mr (or Ms) Angry? Fearful? Sad? Or
Apathetic. If you realise it and go with it to its extreme then you will
return to Mr (or Ms) Cheerful! Are you adopting the highest state of Mr or
Ms All? Depending on your state, have the right kind of day!


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