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Pure Action

I suppose everyone must know the Incredible Hulk TV Series from many years ago. The idea, if I remember correctly was that a scientist was researching how human beings gain incredible strength under certain circumstances. For example, old ladies, on seeing a car collapse on their son, run out and pull the almost-a-ton car off their offspring. In less dramatic circumstances, ladies crashing their cars, and imagining going through the windscreen and losing their looks, grasp the steering wheel with such force they bend the steel column, too stay in the car. These stories, although somewhat supernatural, have been verified and accepted by science. It does occur.

The Incredible Hulk series is one of many modern versions of Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde. Although most of these stories have the 'hero' use a medicine, radiation or something to make the change, there is the general idea that within all of us is some incredible power.

It is not only humans who show this phenomenon.

One day, I was driving through the countryside and a stoat ran in front of the car. Not unusual. But behind it and pursuing it was a rabbit. This was contrary to Nature. Stoats chase rabbits, and eat them. Rabbits aren't supposed to chase stoats. This was the time for baby rabbits. And when rabbits have young, they behave differently. For most of the year they allow stoats to kill and eat them. But when they have offspring, they change. And woe betide any stoat that gets near the rabbits babies!

During a programme about fire walking, a scientist said that anyone could do it. It wasn't miraculous. The interviewer suggested he do it. Which he did. (Of course, this was set up). The scientist had mentioned the common explanation for supernatural feats of strength, etc. The suggestion is that we have a great deal more power than we or anyone else realises. We use only a fraction of our abilities.

When we become so concerned about something that we are supposed to play weak, we surprise ourselves and others by manifesting superhuman abilities.

This does not mean that we do not suffer harm under these circumstances. Fire walkers often suffer scalds to the feet. Old ladies who lift cars off their sons, often injure their backs. The point isn't that we can do these things with impunity, but that we have these tremendous resources should we choose to use them.

Under hypnosis, people can perform tasks of endurance and strength that exceed their normal. Whenever we are tricked to forget our limitations, our great reserve of power manifests itself. And we perform supernormal acts. You can do and achieve vastly more than you even dream of being able to do.

Why then do we allow ourselves to live in relative poverty? To be dominated by others. To calmly follow our mundane lives when the great god-power exists within us all? Why do rabbits allow themselves to be killed and eaten most of the year by their predator the stoat, but not at mating time?

Clearly we focus on our lack of belief that we can do whatever we want. Perhaps we have been brainwashed by the authorities for aeons to believe that we cannot. That we must endure what we have and not take the action to change our condition for the better. We are encouraged not to believe that we can attain whatever we want to attain. Only under special circumstances do we forget and do the miraculous. And then neither we nor others believe it really happened. So we can squirm back into normal living.

Another reason is the unawareness of the barrier which keeps us like prisoners in a jail. Yet being unaware that we are surrounded by walls. We are not aware of what holds us back. We might not even be aware that we are held back.

We are like bulls constrained by a fence of paper. The only thing that holds us back is our belief that we cannot.

The barrier, is, of course, one of our making. It is a chain of cotton. We can break out whenever we want, if only we knew that we could. The actual process of escape can be more involved. The barrier can be found and taken apart a bit at a time. Yet the senior belief is that we do have powers and resources greater than what we think we have.

If an old lady thought logically about lifting a car, she wouldn't attempt it. But if she is aware only of the great need of her son, she does not consider. She acts. She does and achieves. Perhaps that is the key.

We limit ourselves with our believes. But when we act without thought, we achieve the supernatural.



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