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Being at cause

Just thought I'd drop you a line as I was thinking about something interesting.

I rather think of the story of the chicken being born out the egg. The old tale was that it had to do it itself. You mustn't help it. Otherwise it would die.

Although this isn't true, it is a true parable or what-have-you of life. We can sometimes leave things to others. For example, I might hope to win on the Lottery. (I don't do it, so this requires powerful intention!).

Yet this is letting the belief that someone or something will help you magically, as ones' mummy or daddy did when one was a baby.

This can cause apathy and a dreamy, not wishing to do anything or be happy until something happens, such as magic brings money. (To avoid misunderstanding here, I mean the apathetic waiting for some solution as opposed to taking action, spiritual or otherwise, to solve the issue).

What is interesting is that this relates to our creation of our universe. The concept of responsibility includes cause and effect. I, and all of us, create our worlds and we are the effect of what we create.

The denial of cause and the lack of responsibility for the effects rather sums up a lot of us in our present lives.

Strangely, by accepting cause, one starts to rehabilitate the game playing aspect of life. It starts to become fun again. When we are up-against-it, then our true spiritual nature begins to emerge, or can emerge and we realise that we are the cause, and must accept an knowingly act as cause to bring about the type of life we want. And this is the effect of what we have caused.

With the adoption of the right attitude, then good things do occur by magic!

When we do not accept our responsibility for our survival, then we cause unpleasant conditions of which we suffer the effect and blame others.

One of the worst things that can happen when we deny our cause is to suffer a bad effect, such as winning the Lottery. This validates our being the effect of other's causes and weakens us further. (According to the statistics, a winning ticket is a ticket to the grave!)

Sometimes bad things are strangely good because they make us think and develop. At least nothing distracts us from being cause.

We create our worlds. And the effects we experience are the results of our causes (not another's causes -whether we act knowingly or not. In either case we are the cause. But when we act unknowingly, then we do not follow through the good causes with the appropriate intention.

We cannot complain because whatever happens is the result of what we (not another, or fate) do. Whether we intend to bring about that which is survival and good or pretend we are not the cause and bring about that which is bad, we are still the cause and we are still the powerful immortal spiritual being (for whom survival is not so important). Let us therefore acknowledge our being at cause and bring about those effects that are pleasing to us.

Just thought I'd share a thought with you.

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