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Which doctors, specifically?

This is the first posting to 1stCommunicationSkil. Like you, I am new to the list and we have to feel our feet as we step into this subject. The first subject area is being specific. All language and all words are valuable, and have a use, otherwise they wouldn't exist! But if we are stuck in one style at one particular time, then we become the slave, rather than the master of that language style. There's nothing wrong with saying:

"This has been proved conclusively by Science."

So long as we ask:

'What exactly has been proved?' If a drug for example has only been proved to be harmless, then that isn't likely to give us much confidence in its effectiveness! To be assured of that, we would require proof of its effectiveness. We'd also like to know it's harmless too, of course!

'Which Science?' 'Which scientists have proved it?'

If the answer is 'An obscure scientist in some remote country.', we might not be filled with confidence!

(The other words must wait for further parts of this model.)

The art of being specific is learning to ask questions automatically. Fortunately, this model is logical and can always be used. With words like 'scientists' we should automatically ask, or think, 'Which scientists?' With words like 'this' we should always think or ask, 'What specifically?'

For example:

'Women won't stand for this!'

We ask, 'Which women, for example?' (Surely all women don't think the same thing!)

'Teachers' disagree with this new regulation.' (Surely some teachers support it?)

'Which teachers, for instance?'

The being specific model helps us recover the deletions, generalisations and distortions which occur in all languages. By asking questions we avoid contradiction. The above is just two of the questions in the model. Make this automatic when you hear or reads words or think them in your head. This is just the first part of the being specific model. When you have learned all parts and use them automatically you will have an extremely powerful skill to handle language. Then there are the other models ...

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Speak soon.

Ken Ward.

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