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Wyl of  Wylfyre@aol.com writes:

Ken said: <<  This is the best way to develop your communication skills! You will find
yourself improving beyond your wildest dreams! You won't believe the excellent
results!!!  >>


best way to develop communication skills....compared to what?  What other ways
are there to develop communication skills? 


"...improving beyond your wildest dreams!"  Do you think my dreams are wild?  Would I want to go beyond wild dreams, if I had any? 


You won't believe the excellent results!!!  >>excellent compared to what?  who
says they are excellent?  What results specifically?


have a good weekend. I'll keep practising...

Ken says: I didn't think for a second that I'd get away with that! (-:

However, let me keep reminding everyone that the being specific model is one model of communication. It is very powerful. The next model we will look at, several posting down the line, will be the complete opposite. Motivational language is also important. And violations of the being specific model are not errors. (Most of this also violates the model!) But the being specific model does allow us to make clear what was vague. All types of language are perhaps equally of value. We need to learn to be able to use a variety of styles so we are not stuck in any one of them.

Speak soon.

Ken Ward

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