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Redefining Motives


Sometimes we might want to redefine the meaning of some wrong equation in the head of another by using motives.

The world is evil. Just read the newspapers
The newspapers are full of bad stuff because they want to sell their papers and exaggerate things. The newspapers don't represent the world.

Bill thinks the new business venture won't work.
Bill hates change. So he hates all new ideas

Mary said you spent several hours in the neighbours house when his wife was all alone
Mary hates us getting on so well. She'd say anything to spoil things.

You don't care about me because you are grumpy.
I am grumpy because I am trying to solve that problem at work so I get that promotion and can buy you nice things. It doesn't mean I don't care. It means I do care.

Because you upset the staff, it means you aren't suited to be a supervisor.
I told the staff some realities which they didn't like. Sometimes a good supervisor has to say unpalatable things.

Why not try out some of these ideas, but try to make some smoother expression.

See comments for more information and techniques!

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