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Meaning, significance and things ...

We are often told by cognitive psychologists that it isn't things but our perception of things that causes us problems.

It is not the thing that upsets us but the meaning we give to it that causes the lasting harm.

And further, it is not merely the meaning, but the significance of the meaning that is what makes something joyful or odious.

Wounds heal. But mental wounds persist. They can only do this through language.

And this involves meaning.

A while ago, I talked about meaning and redefining meaning and I propose to continue with this subject.

By being aware of meaning and of how to define meaning we can greatly enhance our communication skills.

Here I do not mean (sic) meaning in the sense of dictionary meaning, but the meaning others give or appear to give to our words and deeds.

We would therefore
Attempt to understand the meaning
Correct the meaning if it differs from what we intended.
We can correct meaning by redefining, and the next few e-mails will be on this subject.

Speak soon,
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Ken Ward

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