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~ Be Non-Judgmental ~

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Judgment - How You Ruin Your Own Happiness
A deep discussion of how you're unconsciously judging everything and how to stop being judgmental.


How To Be Non-Judgmental
Why do we get upset with people? It is because they behave in a way that we do not expect, or show us characteristics that goes against our own values and definitions of what a good person is. We are judging them. So if we remove our judgement towards people, we will then remove the feelings of frustrations and resentment that’s so unpleasant.


Mindfulness, a non-judgmental awareness
One of the definitions of Mindfulness training is that it's a non judgmental awareness of the present moment. We're trying to bring an open, relaxed, awareness into our life.


7 Attitudes of Mindfulness Part 2: Non-Judgement
Trying not to judge ourselves or our thoughts during meditation can be tricky, for sure. Here's how to bring more non-judgment to your practice, and your life.



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