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~ What is Love? ~

Global Love

The message of Harold W. Becker, Founder and President of The Love Foundation, Inc, on May 1st, Global Love Day...

As we gather together on this symbolic day, we acknowledge and celebrate our universal humanity while sharing the song of our common heartbeat. This is a profound and spectacular moment to be alive as both participant and witness to an amazing transformation and return to love on our precious planet

The vastness of our world is rapidly becoming more intimate and we are quickly realizing the complexity of life can only be resolved through the simplicity of love. This love does not depend on words as it is readily felt from heart to heart. It is experienced in the forgiveness and compassion we offer to others and the self acceptance we give ourselves. Respect, honor and dignity are the immediate and lasting impression while the ultimate expression is in the smallest gestures of kindness that change the destiny for so many

We are the weavers of this love and are also intricately woven into the very fabric of life itself. Our magnificent earth is a living example of this innate and natural love and it is our great fortune to be the stewards and examples of unconditional love towards all living things. Coming together like a grand tapestry, our diverse interconnectedness and interdependence is the very thing that unites us as one

We all share a common, universal bond of amazing potential through love and each of us makes a profound difference just by being who we are. The ideas we entertain in our consciousness today are the seeds of a future yet to be made. And when love is the key component of each thought and feeling, a truly beautiful world is born

This time is not without extraordinary challenges as we move forward, yet love endures the most difficult circumstances and still remains as love. There is great strength in intimacy, incredible opportunity with courage, and, as we lead by the example of love, we walk together with all.

We are one humanity on this planet.

All life is interconnected and interdependent.

All share in the Universal bond of love.

Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.

With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.

Together we make a difference through love.

Unconditional Love - A Guide to Personal Freedom
Join Harold W. Becker as he hosts this hour long powerful presentation of inspiration and insight on how to become aware of, embrace and experience unconditional love throughout your life. Learn the basics of who you are, how you think and feel, and why love is the transformative element for positive change. The program includes a beautiful guided visualization and concludes with an uplifting vision for the future of this planet. Created by The Love Foundation, Inc

Click the screen shot to play...


The Big Picture of Unconditional Love
Unconditional love is the big picture. Patience and trust is how we traverse this time period. Trust that you have the strength and courage to live life your way. Allow the love to flow from your heart and witness the changes you begin to experience. The world awaits your creative and loving input. Created by The Love Foundation, Inc.


The Power of Love
Three beautiful short videos from Verunica de Andres about how to apply the power of Love in your life..


2nd video

3rd video

All You Need is Love - The Beatles
I was 16 at the time, and the Beatles were Britain's representatives in the One World program, the first world-wide live hook-up of TV stations. It was a wonderful period, love was in the ascension, the first wave of that, before punk, yuppies and rap took over. Now, I feel, we are experiencing the second wave and hopefully an even bigger one. It was such a moving experience... I was so proud, and soon in tears. Tears of happiness are, after all, drops of pure love

My grandmother thought it was awful. My parents, for the first time, thought that maybe this pop music stuff coud be a good influence. For me, it was a transformational moment that set me up for life. Thank you John, Paul, George and Ringo.



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