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~ Be a Life Coach ~

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What is a Life Coach?
A look at how a life coach can help you and give you guidance..


The Principles of Life Coaching
"When I work with a client, I keep the following 5 principles in the back of my mind:

  1. Energy flows where attention goes
  2. Any meaning we assign to an experience is completely dependent upon its context
  3. What we are unconscious of has a greater influence upon our lives and what we can actually perceive in our conscious awareness
  4. Based upon the resources and the paradigm from which a person is operating they are making the best choices available to them
  5. A person cannot not-respond to their environment."
Michael J. Emery is a Personal Development Coach in Portland, OR. He is available for international telephone and video coaching.


From the Mind to Heart Institute
One of the most important things I tell my Miami life coach clients is to master your life. To be able to do this, I have created some core principles:


Life Coaching: Principles of Change
Dieter Pauwels... What prevents us from making the changes we desire? Life Coaching Principle #1: You have to really want to change!


4-Step Communication Model
Describes the 4-step communication model used by life coaches.


Inspirational & Motivational Messages
Created by Enzo, this video begs you to just sit down and take 5. It's so easy to get caught up in all the BS of the world and to forget what you have. So relax, you deserve this reality check...



Find Your Healing Path
Learn to Forgive
Get Over Guilt
Overcome Anger and Frustration
Improve Your Self-Esteem
Overcome Fear and Anxiety
Overcome Bad Habits
Cope With Grief
Happiness and Wellbeing
Health and Fitness
Songs for the Soul

Success and Abundance
Be a Person of Integrity
Reach Your Goals
Creativity and Career
Find Your Life Purpose
Motivation and Leadership
Present Yourself Successfully
Find Fulfillment Through Work
Mastering Money
Work Successfully in Teams
Be a Life Coach

Overcome Loneliness and Isolation
Communication and Relationships
Establish Healthy Boundaries
Express Yourself
Ask Powerful Questions
Learn to Listen
Be Non-Judgmental
Resolve Conflict
Child Development and Parenting
Understand Your Sexual Feelings
Community and Society

Be Guided from Within
Find Inner Peace
The Spiritual Path
Understand Spiritual Experiences
What is the Purpose of Life?
What is Love?
Meditation and Consciousness
Inspiration for the Soul
NDEs and the Afterlife
The New Age
Esoteric History and Philosophy

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