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The Matrix of Reality
Explores consciousness and how we create our reality. It includes insights from David Lynch, the famous movie director, and Deepak Chopra.


Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia discusses multidimensionality and retrocausality and makes these esoteric subjects both understandable and interesting. Her web site is about moving between realities and goes by the name of


Interview with UK spiritual and Gnostic author Timothy Freke
This is an-in depth and fascinating discussion about Gnostic and Eastern spirituality in general, touching on all the inspiring as well as sometimes very controversial aspects of this subject matter. Required viewing for those curious about spiritual matters and the importance of it in our lives today, regardless of your own personal background or beliefs. Timothy Freke has co-authored a number of books with Peter Gandy on Gnostic spirituality, including "The Jesus Mysteries" and their latest book "The Gospel of the Second Coming."


Plus watch: Timothy Freke: The absurd notion of one

In addition Timothy has penned shorter works aimed directly at personal enlightenment such as his amazing book "Lucid Living." More at the Timothy Freke website.

Robert Anton Wilson: Free Your Mind
Discusses the E-Prime method of thinking in terms of possibilities and opinions ("it may be") rather than certainties and dogma ("it is)" that frees us from blinkered mind tunnels.


The Reality Beyond Matter
What is "reality"? Is matter real. That might seem like a silly question given how we use our senses to interact with 'reality' everyday. Yet all this environmental information is the interpretation of vibrational energies which are presented to form a perception in the brain. We 'read' this data and build an experience that seems real.


Heroes of The Enlightenment
In the 17th century, Western Europe became a hotbed of curious inquiry that eventually became known as the age of Enlightenment. In this two hour-long documentary, some of the era's heroes are celebrated, with due spotlight given to titans such as Isaac Newton and Voltaire, and equal attention devoted to lesser known figures that made watershed contributions to political and scientific thinking. Most of the luminaries covered began to look to human reason as the only means of understanding the world, which led to a backlash from an entrenched religious culture that threatened to hamper progress. Newton's scientific breakthroughs, Voltaire's advocacy of free speech, and Denis Diderot's landmark encyclopedia are all seen as forerunners of the civilization we know today, but in their time, their new ideas were treated with skepticism and outright hostility. The documentary offers insight into how they persevered, transformed a culture, and opened the door to the future. This documentary is being offered by the Humanist Society of South Australia on YouTube.



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