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Vaccines - A Cry of the Heart

Vaccines - A Cry of the Heart

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On the physical, intellectual and moral strength of the children of today the future rests. The last thing that we would expect to find working to diminish our children, even to the point of taking away their very lives, is a deliberate attack on their immune systems. A strong case can be made that using 'toxic' medications and vaccines only reduces the efficiency of the immune system and the general health. There is a growing groundswell of people around the world who are accusing the medical profession and many major international companies and organizations of deliberately weakening the strength and health of the young through vaccination programs.

More and more clinicians and researchers are beginning to see mass vaccination programs as being utterly without worth. We have been assured of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines for over fifty years yet these seemingly rock-solid assumptions are directly contradicted by government statistics and reputable research by scientists from around the world. "Cry of the Heart" by Dr. Mark Sircus offers in-depth reports on the personal histories and scientific evidence about this issue. Click here to freely Download the PDF.

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Ghandi on Vaccines

Millions of children in the U.S. are vaccinated each year. Of these, thousands of adverse reactions are reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. A significant percentage of these are serious enough to result in hospitalization, life-threatening illnesses, permanent neurological damage or death. There is even information emerging that vaccinations can make recipients more susceptible to developing cancer later in life. One researcher has yet to find a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person! And, it will astound you to know that there have never been any long-term controlled studies of any vaccine published in any of the world's medical journals.

Once you know what is contained in the vaccines, you will probably never allow it to be given to your children. Besides the viral or bacterial DNA or RNA that encourages antibody formation, adjuvants and fillers may include: Aborted human fetal tissue; Dead animal tissues, such as chicken embryo, rabbit brain and dog or monkey kidney; Pig, horse or calf blood; Toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde (think embalming fluid) or phenol; Antibiotics and yeast (think Candidiasis); and/or Toxic heavy metal compounds made out of aluminum or mercury. The mercury compound is called thimerosal and is the subject of current litigation, because many parents and researchers link it to the alarming increase in post-vaccination autism.

Number of Vaccines

But do vaccines work?
Dr. Rima Laibow recently presented a paper to the First All India Congress on Medical Education (Feb. 7, 2015, Nitte University, Mangalore, India) in which she looked at the “widely available and well-substantiated data” that makes the case that the only thing that has decreased the incidence of infectious disease is a combination of hygiene, clean water, sufficient protein and other nutrition and sanitation. And that all childhood and other infectious diseases, and their associated morbidity and mortality were radically reduced before the introduction of a single vaccine. In every case, the slope of the decrease either remained the same or the decrease slowed down when the vaccines were introduced. In the case of smallpox, when the British government enforced its vaccine mandate, the incidence of death from smallpox increased by nearly 300%.

Several experts have come to the same conclusion from their research that the virtual disappearance of POLIO was due not to the Salk and Sabin Vaccines, but to two other factors — the improvement of hygiene at the time, and especially to the simultaneous “redefining” in 1955 of what the category “polio” was to include. The polio death rate was already dramatically declining when the Salk vaccine was introduced. Initially the diagnosis of polio was given if the patient’s paralysis lasted 24 hours. Later the parameters were changed to the person’s paralysis lasting 60 days. By redefining the definition of the disease, the decrease appeared to be associated with the vaccine, but most likely was not.

The mainstream media will not speak openly about the SV-40 cancer virus that was spread to millions of people worldwide after being given as part of the polio vaccine. But it will try to promote a “global polio pandemic” that turns out to have no substance. Learn more...

Vaccine Racket

Something to bear in mind...


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And what if your challenge is in the other direction? What if you have been depriving yourself unhealthily, and are trying to return to a more balanced approach? All that pressure is no help to you either.

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