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Sexuality & Impotence

For the body-mind's natural sexual response to function correctly, a relaxed state is necessary. If there is emotional tension between a couple, or if there is internal fear and anxiety, then the nervous system cannot switch into the parasympathetic mode required for sexual arousal. The solution in this situation is better and more open communication between the couple, to let each other know how they are feeling and to have a mutual acceptance of the other without blame or recrimination. After all, that is what a loving relationship is about, and sex as an expression of love is far more exciting.

For the parasympathetic sexual response to function you need to be in a relaxed, Alpha brain wave state; and away from the fight-flight, anxious arousal of the sympathetic nervous system. So stress management and relaxation techniques in general will help.

Also there needs to be no tension nor conflict between sexual partners - with loving intimacy, sexual performance issues usually do not occur. Open and non-judgmental communication may be necessary to clear the air about any unresolved issues - no more unspoken fears, withheld feelings and opinions, or secret desires! Our free Communication and Relationships course will be helpful.

Another factor is that many men have no clue about their partner's sexual response, that it is slower to build and requires more stimulation than just sexual penetration. This isn't taught in school nor in the movies. Women can become resentful and eventually give up on the matter of receiving sexual pleasure. Sex becomes a cold ritual or is abandoned completely, as the man (who doesn't understand) is simply not in proper communication with his partner on this issue.

As men get older, often the ability to respond sexually is no longer like it was in the teenage years. The man may feel guilt and anxiety about his sexual performance, and even avoid sexual relations as a consequence. To help overcome this barrier, many have turned to Viagra supplements to boost their arousal. But these are expensive and un-natural pharmaceuticals. I would recommend primarily to begin to develop more intimate communication within the couple, as explained above - this in itself can be a "turn on." And to further boost confidence the following products are likely to prove helpful...

Help with Sexual Issues

Love may make the world go round, but sexual problems, whether yours or theirs, can really sour the fun you expect to have when you get it together with someone. Whether you are making love with someone you've just met, or with a long time partner, you want it to go smoothly and enjoyably for both of you, and it's grim when it doesn't work out.

We understand that sex is about more than hormones, and that although you can count on nature to take you a pretty long way, many factors influence sexual relations between people. Below you will find a range of exceptionally high quality hypnosis audio downloads for sexual problems. These downloads will help you easily overcome any unconscious barriers to sexual enjoyment and really brighten up your love life.

Choose from the individual downloads below, or save money with the discounted 5-download Male Sexual Performance Pack which contains the solutions to the most common sexual peformance problems for men.

Cure Impotence
Hypnosis can work wonders for impotence with psychological causes

Delayed Ejaculation
Overcome delayed ejaculation using the power of your mind

Fear of Sex
A hypnosis audio to help you quickly conquer sex-related anxiety

Increase Libido - Female
Relax deeply with hypnosis and rediscover your sexual desire

Increase Libido - Male
Increase male libido through the power of the mind

Losing Virginity
Experience losing virginity with confidence and enjoy it to the full

Sex Addiction
A hypnosis audio to break the addictive pattern your brain has developed

Sexual Enhancement - Female
Relax deeply with hypnosis and reconnect with your sexual self

Sexual Enhancement - Male
Hypnosis is nature's optimum tool for gaining mastery over your own sexuality

Sexual Fetish Treatment
Hypnosis is an invaluable aid in helping you let go of a fetish

Sexual Performance Anxiety
Retrain your brain to relax before and during sex so you and your partner can enjoy it as nature intended

Shy Naked
Do you feel shy when naked? Would you like to be able to relax with no clothes on?

Stop Premature Ejaculation
Last longer with hypnosis and get control over when you orgasm


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Feel like you've tried it all before and nothing has given you pain relief? Magravs Plasma Products are designed to give you the real pain relief you've been looking for.

Using the Keshe Foundation plasma technology, these products bring a new approach to healing and have great results from real people to share just how well it works. Here's an introduction by Richard Presser...

A few sample products and testimonials...

Pain PenPain Pen:
“I had pain in my right thumb joint (arthritis). It would intensify excruciatingly when I put pressure on it. I applied the Pain Pen for a few seconds and now the pain has completely vanished. The Pain Pen surely does work well indeed!” ~ John, USA

Pain PadPain Pad:
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Download Field Interaction - The Soul, Emotions and Intention by The Keshe Foundation. It underlines the importance of our intention in everything we do, including achieving positive outcomes from using these products.

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