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We've been offering a wide range of personal development resources for many years here at Trans4mind, and over a million pages are read each month by interested people like yourself. Indeed, our vision is to make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet...

Company Vision     Company MIssion

The particular mission for this, our resources site, is...

To facilitate the person to move toward greater inner peace and fulfillment, by providing transformational personal development resources. We provide this service with love, worldwide over the Internet and in community.

The Power of Love

We are not linked with a religion or belief system, nor do we seek to control or manipulate people in any way. At all points, dogma is avoided - indeed, the motto of Trans4mind is: “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”

Having said that, we recognize some fundamental, universal truths, also widely recognized by the world's great religions and philosophers. In particular we feel that Love is our essential nature, and that by asking “What would love do?” and listening to our inner voice and feelings we can sense inner guidance. This loving guidance is the core of our spirituality. If our life is guided by Love, we can live and serve in simplicity and profundity.

Trans4mind stands as a landmark in the world of personal development, because it is being devised, presented and maintained by the power of love. The purpose of this training is to bring joy and happiness to each individual and to develop and strengthen community worldwide.

Our primary values are:
  • To focus on each person’s individual needs.
  • To be open minded and holistic in our approach.
  • To serve the public with integrity.
  • To offer high quality products and services
  • To market our training through love and service.
  • To protect personal privacy as a fundamental human right.
  • To operate independently of any fixed philosophy or established religion.
  • To provide this service in perpetuity for the uplifting of humanity.

We do our best to have these values guide our every action as we work to design, develop and deliver systems and services that bring personal development education and training to the public.

We are in the business of education and training that helps people recognize, face up to and overcome their life challenges.

Trans4mind does not advocate any particular philosophy and is not affiliated to any religious teaching or organization. But we do take an holistic approach, which includes the spiritual dimension of our lives - indeed, we feel that discovering and fulfilling this dimension of our being is the raison d'etre of personal development.

As our site visitors, we consider you as if you were friends or family. We appreciate your presence and interest and we refrain from the kind of manipulative, over-hyped and time-limited arm twisting that so many other sites resort to. Therefore you'll find Trans4mind to be free of intrusive cookies, tracking and advertising.

Trans4mind Companies

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Today companies need to find new and innovative ways to prosper in a fast-changing business world. Uniquely based on empowering personal development, supported by personal trainers, Trans4mind Training's online interactive video workshops meet this need without any disruption to your existing operations.

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Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd,
Founders of Trans4mind Ltd
Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd

What is Trans4mind?

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