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~ A Journey of Self-Discovery ~
Wake Up Now!

~ The Little Book of Mindfulness ~
Mental and Spiritual 'Sit-ups'

by Orsolya Riszt and Fiona Truman

Fiona and Orsolya
Fiona and Orsolya wrote the book together in England, 2011
Orsolya writes...

I gained amazing insights on the path of my own personal development journey but I soon realized that I needed daily practice in order to integrate those insights into my life. I reached a point when I understood that the key was to live consciously in the present moment - but I didn't know how to!

After some initial successes, the question then became: How can I lengthen the period of time when I'm focused and I don't hear the constant, 'uncontrollable' chatter in my mind?

You will find the answers in this mini-book. I discovered that the following exercises are both effective and a lot of fun. They will help you to become fully present – to live a fuller, more conscious life.

In addition, by doing my mental 'sit-ups' (as I chose to call the exercises), I realized how:

If I was able to do this, so can you!

I'm sure you'll experience similar changes in yourself and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others: you'll be more self-assured, focused and productive. You'll begin to enjoy exercising personal choice and taking responsibility for those choices, while fully giving yourself up to the present moment.

I will lead you through not only the exercises themselves but also their positive impact on your life - day after day, week after week, month after month, and for the rest of your life!

It is my perception, (and that of many renowned authors and spiritual leaders), that our thoughts determine our emotions and our actions, so I have collected the following ways and means for you to strengthen these 3 pillars of your conscious life...


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