MIND DEVELOPMENT COURSE 8 ~ Zen & the Art of Calculation

The Goal of Zen is the state of 'No-Mind'. This is an intuitive way of dealing with the world. The aim of this course is to enable a Student to turn on a particular form of 'No-Mind' consciousness that can be applied to a practical task - that of arithmetical calculation.

To achieve a state of 'No-Mind' as far as numbers are concerned one must first break down the conditioning which the average person receives at school. To achieve this goal, habitual responses must be set up which are the inverse of linearity. Several parts of the calculation have to be handled simultaneously.

This course provides exercises through which operations can be undertaken in parallel, so the Student can discover a super-ordinate structure to mathematical operations. When such parallel working is allowed to happen in the mind, the result will be obtained about five times as fast, so it appears to be instantaneous - a 'No-Mind' state of consciousness.