Memory skills


The key to unlocking your personal genius is your incredible memory
Your personality, identity, what you do, what you say, your thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experience are all a function of your ability to remember. Yet for many of us, our minds are like a sieve and life passes us by - we miss the chance to develop our mind and accomplish more in life because our memory is letting us down. Yet our memory is capable of great things; it has simply not yet been trained properly...

Whether you have a poor or even a good memory, you will be astounded at the benefits that memory development with the Creative Memory course will have on your personal and professional life. Imagine having powerful memory skills that enable you to:

Why is memory training so essential?
Memory training is the key to cognitive enhancement. To further develop our mind and be able to memorize easily, we need to restore and integrate our right-brain processes of super memory.

Without memory there is no knowledge, without knowledge there is no certainty and without certainty there is no will. We need a good memory to be able to orient ourselves in a rich network of all that we know and understand, to make sense of it and to move forward to attain goals that are based in reality and true to our selves.

"Who am I, if not my memories?"–William Calvin

In most civilized societies the development of language centers in the left hemisphere of the brain will produce dominance on that side, while spatial, visual and intuitive problem-solving skills, which are based on right-hemisphere relational processes, will be underdeveloped.

Though advanced memory development and intuitive skills are not essential for life in modern society, they were important survival skills for primitive man who had no reference books to look up when he forgot something, no maps to guide him on long journeys, and was often in perilous situations where intuitive insight made the difference between life and death. To further evolve, we need to reclaim this heritage, which depends on the restoration and integration of our right-brain processes.

You will learn advanced memory techniques in Creative Memory that utilize the special powers of the right brain and left brain in synchronization. By applying various kinds of Memory Systems and Advanced Mnemonic Systems appropriate to the task in hand, and practicing them until they become second nature in your daily life, your original heritage of whole brain utilization can be recovered. This will enable you to "file away" any new piece of information in such a way that it is readily accessible for immediate future access. You were born with these abilities but were not trained to use them, hence they were unexploited and lay dormant; but now, with the techniques taught on this course, you can put the full potential power of your brain to good use.

Creative thought could not exist without memory. Though creativity is usually thought of as a spontaneous, original response, the ability to remember one's past experience is necessary - we use this as a springboard for new potentials! Without a clear understanding of what is already known, how would you know when you've discovered something original? Both problem solving and artistic inspiration depend on remembered experience as basis for new creation.

Making the "soft" breakthrough
There are some amazing benefits you can look forward to once you have completed Creative Memory. As you continue to practice and use the methods of cumulative perception taught in this course, this kind of random access memory begins to become second nature. Many memory experts call this the "soft breakthrough" because it happens almost imperceptibly at first, instead of hitting you like a mental bolt of lightning. Everything you find important is given its own unique mental file. Just like the executive whose desk has been buried in paper for years, who suddenly discovers his computer can do a much better job of storing and arranging information, a filed, organized mind suddenly begins to perform impressive recall tasks on demand.

The course is a combination of mnemonics techniques and mental training; as such it is both capable of improving memory and giving a general increase in brain power. But it's even more than that...

Creative Memory training, if properly done, is an effective method for self development and awakening the right brain. Practice with these methods induces an altered and enhanced state of consciousness. The unique faculties of the right brain become more accessible, you can readily use an enhanced associative mode of thinking, and divergent thinking starts to play a major role as a mental process. Increased use of the right brain facilitates visualization, the associative mode of thinking is more conducive to intuition, and divergent thinking is one of the corner stones of creativity.

Students experience an altered state of consciousness, because they have developed a long term working memory. Have you ever observed a top, solo violinist when he is performing? He seems to enter another world and the score is effortlessly at his fingertips. We could say that any type of expert who has developed a long term working memory operates in this altered state of consciousness in their particular domain. Here we go further to develop that altered state in a broader domain, that of the individual's entire knowledge network.

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