A new way of seeing - and being
This is a practical home-study course including a range of exercises to improve the mind's capacity to perceive effortlessly, improving integration between left and right brain, boosting memory, creativity, natural eyesight and drawing ability.

Benefits to you...

The exercises offered in Super Vision help to develop visual perception, which is one branch of non-verbal communication, and address the subject of breathing and relaxation. Adequate oxygenation of the brain and a relaxed state of being is necessary for true perception and for further developing the mind.

The eyes and the ears are the main channels through which one gains information about the world. As with listening skills, training in perception makes you more aware. When you are more aware, the subconscious mind has less influence. This means you are more relaxed, less anxious, less easily upset, a better memorizer - and your vision is improved.

Obviously, a person with a physical eye defect will not be able to see properly. However, many people have problems with seeing who do not have medical eye problems, or whose ability to see is worse than the medical condition of their eyes would suggest.

Looking is more than just seeing
With the ear, it is clear that hearing is different from listening; hearing is passive but listening is an active process. With the eye, similarly we note that seeing is different from looking. Seeing is the ability of the eye to receive and focus light and pass this information on to the brain. Looking is an active process of perception and can therefore be trained. A person can have difficulty seeing because of eye problems, but also because of bad habits in the way he perceives and makes use of the optical information provided. While a defect in the eye distorts the image, a deficiency in attention will cause the sensation to be overlooked. These bad habits cause the opposite effects to the abilities given above. The person becomes more tense, anxious, easily upset, bad at remembering, and needs stronger glasses.

So how can visualization and looking be improved? Bad perception habits are caused by tension, often caused by repressed emotion. Because of the strong link between looking and the subconscious mind, the improvement of looking skills has a reverse effect in reducing the ‘charge’ that accompanies the repression of emotions.

The importance of relaxation
We can only recall and imagine black when the mind is relaxed. Many of the sight improvement exercises in Super Vision increase this ability, because they reduce tension in the optical system and quieten the mind, allowing a black inner visual field. This is a valuable asset as visualization will then require less effort and concentration is facilitated.

People who find visualization difficult tend to make far fewer eye movements than normal, when they are looking at surrounding objects and faces. Usually they are left-brain dominant and have problems due to poor communication between both sides of the brain. Their visual memory likewise suffers.

Good visualizers, when they look at their surroundings and at faces in particular, will tend to trace their outlines and features, shifting rapidly from one point to another. They can create more easily, by visualizing the things they want to achieve and their current reality, so ideas flow more readily. Traumatic memories are also easier to confront and control.

Use the power of your right brain
Furthermore, techniques in this course to develop drawing skills help to bring the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex into a better state of communication and consequently balancing the activity of the whole brain. If one side of the brain is dominant it will tend to condition thinking in certain patterns, while the other side of the brain may be under-used and practically speaking, asleep. A dominant hemisphere, whether left or right, will immediately seize upon any mental task or information that presents itself, only subsequently discovering that such a task is more appropriate to the other hemisphere. This results in confusion, stuttering and association delays. Fluency, creativity and effectiveness require both left and right brain working in balanced coordination and work on Super Vision will achieve this enhanced state of being.

Important note: The aim of this course is to help you improve your powers of observation, not to replace the pair of glasses you have been prescribed nor to contradict the medical advice of your physician or optomologist. The Super Vision Course will not help a student if he has glaucoma, cataract, detached retina or retinal damage due to diabetes. These are medical conditions that if left untreated could lead to blindness. If a student either has one of these conditions or expects he has one of these conditions, he should get this handled by an appropriate medical practitioner.

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