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Conscious Evolution
Soul Story: The Traveler
By Maurice Turmel

There once was a man who came to Earth because he wanted to learn some important lessons. He had traveled far and wide throughout the Universe, gathering much knowledge along the way and experiencing many different forms of existence. He had traveled as a spirit in a number of spheres and galaxies. He spent some time as a Shepard of comets, and held various positions as a Guardian of planets within a number of star constellations. Our young man had grown tired of these experiences and wanted to try something different. So he asked the Great Creator if he could come to Earth for a time and learn about life here. His request was granted.

Upon his arrival on Earth our young man discovered many important facts about himself. The first thing he realized was that he now had a body, a dense body composed of the same material that constituted and supported all life on Earth. He also discovered that he had a Heart which was to guide him on this earthly adventure. In other planes of experience he never had such an instrument. In these instances he had to rely on other faculties to guide him along.

This Heart revealed itself to be a curious instrument which he set about to understand. It was not at all like the heart that beat in his chest. It was more of a "feeling nature" that advised him about circumstances in which he found himself and what action he might want to take. He could experience pain to a depth so profound he would be moved to tears. He could experience joy that sent him soaring into the heavens. He could experience satisfaction and disappointment within moments of each other. A truly amazing instrument this "heart nature" was.

With his "heart nature" as his guide our young man set out on his journey through Earth life. He believed he was here to accomplish something important for the Great Creator, for that was the nature of their relationship. The Great Creator would afford him opportunities for new experiences and, in turn, our young man would accomplish something for his Master. Part of every new journey was the element of surprise, where discoveries would be made and experiences realized as by-products of the adventure. Not knowing what was ahead made it all the more exciting.

As he proceeded on this adventure our young man encountered individuals with bodies similar to his. He took to looking at them closely to see who they were in their Hearts. With some, he could only see a faint glimmer emanating from their "heart nature," but with many more he could barely see any light at all. This he found to be truly puzzling for he envisioned himself as like the creatures around him. And because of that, he fully expected to see in them similar characteristics to his own.

As his confusion grew about these "dimly lit" hearts our young man called upon the Great Creator to help him understand. And the Creator came to speak with him in his Heart.

"My son, you have come to planet Earth to learn many things. With your Heart as your guide you can experience to the maximum that which you encounter in your travels and you can clearly hear My Voice when you require answers to your questions. With such an open capacity to experience and receive you fully expected to meet others who would be the same. But what you have observed is that many individuals on this Earth plane are closed off in that heart area, so that they experience little of what's around them and have no direct contact with their source, which is Me."

"But Lord, why is this so? Why are we not all alike?" he added, with some concern in his voice.

"But you are, My son, all very much alike. What you have come across here are individuals who are closed off from their inner Self. And so they appear lost to you as you cannot see the spark from their heart which would identify them as very much like you."

"So what am I to do, Lord? What am I to say? I cannot be here if I am to feel so alone. That pain seems unbearable to me."

"I know," the Creator replied. "I did not send you here to be lonely. I wish for you to rejoice in this experience called Earth Life. We must do something to remedy the situation. I will consult with My angels and return to you shortly."

While waiting to hear back from the Great Creator our young man continued on his journey. He suddenly came upon a beautiful woman with a Heart all aglow. "How wonderful," he thought to himself. "Someone to whom I can relate and perhaps share this Earthly experience."

"Greetings my lady, would you please help me? I am here on a journey of discovery and I am uncertain as to how to proceed. Can you offer me any suggestions?"

"Well," the lady began, "I certainly can try. First, you must determine why you are here. Is it your mission to simply wander about and experience the Earth as it appears, without becoming involved in the course of life? Or is it perhaps your task to influence Life here in some positive growth-fulfilling fashion by being involved?"

"I am sorry, I do not know what you mean," he replied. "I arrived here with my Heart open and fully expected to meet others like myself. It had been my task in the past to merely look after the environment to which I was assigned. I assumed that this might be the case once again."

"Very well," the woman reflected. "I believe I can see your dilemma. In the past you were accustomed to caring for and maintaining an object or area, but not influencing in order to promote positive growth."

"What do you mean?" he asked, still puzzled but curious.

"Let's see," she began. "In caretaking one's task is to simply maintain a situation or object as it is, perhaps guiding a little here or there, but exerting no significant influence. On planet Earth we are all involved in a growth experiment and that requires some effort on all our parts."

"On all our parts?" he repeated.

"Yes," she went on, "on all our parts. There are many like myself who have their Hearts fully opened and our task is to help those who's Hearts are not so open."

"You mean those individuals whom I saw earlier with barely a glimmer had Hearts that were mostly closed?"

"That is correct," she replied, "and it is these individuals whom we are here to help."

"I see then," he repeated. "So that would be my task, too, I believe. Since I have also come here with my Heart fully opened."

"Very likely so," she added. "Although the Great Creator could tell you for certain."

Just then the Creator returned to address our young man.

"I see you have already found your answer."

"Yes, Lord, I believe I have. I am here to influence this Life in the most positive way I can and help those individuals whose hearts are barely open. I will go forward now and address this need as I understand it to be one part of my assignment."

"And the other part?" the Creator inquired.

"Of that I am not completely sure," he went on. "But I believe it has to do with learning such lessons myself before I can influence others more effectively. I noticed my need for this when talking with the beautiful woman you sent to answer my questions."

"Well said, My son. I see that you are learning quickly. I hope all your future questions can be answered as easily. I will return to you as you need Me."

And our young man proceeded on his journey, helping light the lights of those still in darkness and spreading good humor with his openness and warmth. And from that time on, with the Creator in his Heart and a sense of purpose in full view, our young man knew that all would be well in his world.

Soul Story
Conscious Evolution: How We Lost Our Way

The heroic quest is an unbridled and true adventure. It moves one from the past to the present and into the future, always pointing the way to a new destination. We will see this unfold as we move along with this revue.

The myths of the world typically say one thing; God is alive and well, and lives in our hearts. Our task is to find the God energy within ourselves. God is no longer out there in some church, some doctrine or similar external authority. These sources cannot provide what it is we need today. God, the Great Creator, resides within each and every one of us and that force animates all life as we experience it. Every living creature, every entity that breathes any gives off energy of is the God force. We are God, individually and collectively. We wander around this planet in search of our individualized God nature to reveal our piece of this great cosmic puzzle.

How did we get turned away from this all important purpose, this destiny we charted, this pursuit of self, soul and love as the ultimate frontier? How did we become so lost in the desert of a constricted and displaced emotional life experience that we began wandering aimlessly? How, for so many centuries, have we strayed so far away from our own true source?

In the stories of creation, of which there are many varieties, it is said that man was an experiment and God observed with great joy how our lives were plaid out and how we met our needs. Later it was said that man, as a creature, was viewed as so beautiful that the "Gods" wanted to co-mingle with humanity. This began the descent into matter, into the density of the planet, into the 'rooted-ness' of the material world. This was the beginning of the trance. Like the movie director who believes in his own movie, its characters and place settings, we lost sight of our divine reality. There have been many movies about this subject, where someone loses their way in a self-created artificial reality. The symbolism of myth captures eloquently captures this hypnotic state. Heroes are always typically cast into situations they must overcome to resume their lives and retrieve some treasure. Gold is not the treasure, Love is! Love of Life, the Earth, one's fellow man love of mystery are the real treasures. Yes, certainly the love of the mystery of Life!

Children are often taught that magic and mystery exist, but by their nature, they cannot fully understood. Magic and mystery are reputed to be fathomless. This has been taught by weary spiritual seekers who have become mired in their own self-created matrix. This notion is absurd. When you're always looking outside of yourself, following formulas and scripts, you inevitably lose your way. That's the lesson here.

Children don't believe that magic and mystery are fathomless until they are taught this and conditioned to the idea. At this point they turn off their own curious quest. Intuitively they know that God, something greater than themselves, exists in their hearts. They believe the mystery is solvable, if only someone would help them understand it. Our God nature certainly knows this to be true. The Creator placed this key inside all our hearts. Our challenge is to retrieve it for ourselves. This quest is particularly challenging because we have been conditioned away from the process.

Heroism is about working our way back to that core center through our feelings, emotions and our very human nature. We are sentient beings who have a heart center to guide us. We can learn to trust this resource early in life when demonstrated by others already on the quest. All children are budding artists, with their heart center before them, ready to bloom with our encouragement. This native ability can equally be squashed with rigid dogma originating from external sources.

It is sad that recent generations, including our own, have contributed this process of not trusting the Self. This is how we lost our way. This is how gods become mere mortals with nowhere to turn except where egos point. And egos, as history repeatedly demonstrates, are ill equipped to guide gods forward.

That's how it all began. We literally forgot that we were the gods who set out on this mortal journey. We fell in love with our creations, the material body and earthly circumstances, and lost our "Self" in the process. When the director finally wakes up, he remembers it's only a movie, a drama, an act. We have yet to fully wake up, but more of us are becoming more conscious than ever before. The Army of Light is coming out of its slumber, reaching for greater illumination, greater levels of awareness, while moving ahead with grand purpose and design. Everywhere Heroes are charting and following their path Home. Home is where the Heart is, remember! Ah yes, that fine familiar phrase that can be re-asserted with authority when we again remember its true meaning.

What do such phrases mean, for a population gone mad and so far removed from its original purposes? It means we are fighting our way back, en masse, to the pulsating heart center, where the golden pulse of the Creator resides and animates our lives, where souls sing in harmony and play together like a well rehearsed symphony. That's how the Army of Light works, in sync with all parts of itself, fully informed and fully alive. Every instrument pulsates to its own tempo and is, yet, synchronized with the whole orchestra.

How do we get there, to this ideal we fashion and project onto the movie screen of our lives? What is required of us to make this happen? We must listen! We must learn! We must act! When we hear our inner voice we must listen, learn move with that. We let It guide the way. We listen to the Voice, the Soul, the only Beacon worthy of note, the message created and installed by God. We move forward as directed and we find our way Home.

In the coming chapters we will look more closely at this activation process, this inner guidance and how it functions in our lives. There are many seekers who are actively engaged in this process today, directing their lives from their respective centers. We will examine how they arrived at this point and flesh the process out in greater detail, for the answers themselves are as intriguing as the questions.

The answers beg for greater understanding and take us deeper into the heart of the mystery, the place we were forbidden to enter as children. As adults we can move beyond the indoctrination we received as children. Now we ca boldly go into the heart of the mystery. No one can hold us back any longer, no institution, no religion, no authority outside ourselves. We are the masters of our destiny. Our questions will take us where we need to go!

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