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Conscious Evolution
Soul Story: Open Your Heart
By Maurice Turmel

There once was a woman named Giselle who lived just outside a village situated by a mountain range. Here, creatures of all kinds roamed freely. This woman's husband had died some time ago and she was left widowed. Since his death Giselle had lost her taste for life. No one who knew her had much to do with her anymore. She had become bitter and reclusive, avoiding her fellow villagers and spending most of her days alone.

Giselle seemed to be in a daze much of the time. Her children had grown up and left home. They could not tolerate her continued withdrawal from the simplest of family interaction. They had become emotional orphans left to fend for themselves and to provide each other with what little comfort they could. To them, their mother had died also when their father passed away.

Giselle had drifted away from all who had once meant so much to her. She had neglected her children and lost what friends she once had. She had also lost her capacity to enjoy nature and the beauty that surrounded her home and native village in its magnificent mountain setting. Her heart had turned to stone some said. Others thought she had simply lost her mind.

Eventually Giselle had become so closed up she could no longer tolerate any proximity to people and moved away from the village into the nearby hills. She now lived in a sparsely furnished hut located in an area where a few wild creatures roamed about, occasionally finding their way onto her property. The villagers typically avoided this area because their usual greetings to her always fell on deaf ears. They left her alone now, as did her children and all who came to know her story.

One day a beautiful golden eagle was soaring overhead, very close to Giselle's home, looking for food as eagles were want to do. Some scraps that had been tossed outside of Giselle's hut caught the eagle's attention and it swooped down to gather them up and have itself a long overdue meal. Just as the eagle landed and began to feast on the scraps Giselle came out of her hut and let out a scream. She was so used to being alone now that she didn't expect to see any creatures in her yard. The golden eagle, standing there eating the scraps of food had really startled her and she was now trying to regain her composure. The two of them stared at each other for a moment before the eagle sprang up letting out a screech as well.

"Who are you?" he asked in surprise.

"I am Giselle," she replied. "This is my home and those are my scraps of food that you are eating."

"I see," replied the eagle. "I apologize for the intrusion. As I flew over this area, I noticed no one around and assumed that this place was deserted. When I saw the scraps of food I decided to land have something to eat. When you came out of your hut you surprised me, much as I surprised you it would seem."

Yes, they were both startled it appears, neither one of them expecting to run into the other.

Just then another creature approached the area from the hillside nearby. It was a large, horned goat who had become quite curious about all this noise and activity.

"What's going on here?" the goat asked. "I was minding my own business, eating grass up the hillside, when I heard all this commotion, so I came to investigate."

"And very well you did," the eagle replied, "for this lady lives here alone and I startled her. I am very sorry about this as I do not seek to upset anyone during my travels. You are her friend perhaps?"

"No, I am not," the goat answered. "But I see her every day, tending to her chores, going about her life here all alone. I have noticed that no one comes to visit so it surprises me to see you here."

"I understand," the eagle reflected. "This lady is not known for receiving visitors so my presence here would seem unusual."

"That is correct," the goat added. "At any rate I see that all is well so I will return to my grazing up the hillside."

At that moment a thundering sound was heard coming from far off in the distance. It sounded like horses that were fast approaching. Giselle was visibly distressed. She had not heard that sound in years and became quite agitated because that sound usually implied an impending threat. The eagle volunteered to fly up into the sky and survey the surrounding area. He too wanted to know what could be the source of that thundering sound. Once in the air the eagle noticed that there were many horses with riders aboard but they were not coming in this particular direction. They were headed toward the village instead. The riders were armed and appeared to be quite menacing. They wore expressions of grim determination, like men did when they were going into battle. This meant that the village was their intended prey and the villagers were likely unaware of this impending attack.

When the eagle returned to Giselle's yard, he informed her and the goat of what he had seen. The three of them began discussing what to do. The goat volunteered to run into the village and warn the citizens but the eagle said "No." He explained that the villagers would not likely listen to a goat. "Nor would they listen to an eagle," the goat added, for birds of prey were not considered friendly. It was left to Giselle to come up with another suggestion. She had never felt so frightened and helpless. If neither the goat nor the eagle could help the villagers, then who could? She had not spoken to the villagers in so long that she feared they might not want to listen to her now.

Just then an angel came to call; descending upon the area of Giselle's home with great grace and calm. The angel looked at Giselle and spoke to her directly.

"Look into your heart, my dear woman, where you have been asleep for so long. Look into your Self and find the words that you need to accomplish the task before you. You can do this. There once was a time when you had no difficulty expressing yourself while expecting to be heard. There was a time when all that mattered to you easily came to the surface and you shared what you felt with those you loved and cared about. Remove that stone from your heart and open once again to that place within from where Love and Caring flow. Reach inside and touch that space, then go forth and do what is necessary."

Without any further thought to her fears or her safety, Giselle ran toward the village shouting at the top of her voice "The warriors are coming. The warriors are coming." The villagers were quite startled by these loud warnings as they had not heard this woman's voice in years. They gathered round as she approached, alarmed now by the level of her agitation. They listened as she reported what she had heard from up the mountain and what the eagle had seen. The thundering sound grew louder as she continued to explain and the villagers quickly realized that Giselle spoke the truth. Arrangements were then made to rally the village defenses and soon all were prepared for the approaching danger.

When the band of warriors came closer to the village, they realized that the element of surprise was lost to them and that this village was well prepared to defend itself. Having lost that edge the warrior leaders decided not to engage in a costly battle where victory could no longer be assured. They chose instead to move on.

After the threat passed, all soon returned to normal again in the village. It then became apparent to all in the community that Giselle was responsible for saving the town. The villagers wanted to thank her publicly but were concerned about Giselle's long held reluctance to have anything to do with them. A child came forward and volunteered to deliver their message of thanks. When the child and a group of villagers arrived at Giselle's hut, she received them warmly and accepted their expressions of gratitude. She had some tea with the delegation and they visited for a while. The group later returned to the village to report their success.

After these events it became widely known that Giselle was open to visitors again. In fact it became quite the fashion for villagers to saunter up the mountainside and spend some time with her. She had become a gracious host who was pleased to visit with all who came by. The eagle and the goat were regular visitors as well. Giselle had awakened from her deep somber sleep. She had reconnected with that vibrant vital part of herself that could express warmth and caring. Her eagle friend and neighbor goat had become a kind of extended family for her now and many of the villagers were now counted as friends.

Giselle had found that place in her heart where Love dwells. She had to be frightened into a state of crisis to get there. But now that flame was reignited and she was at peace with herself. She was grateful that she could feel once again and vowed to never let that go. Despite the sorrows that life could bring there was always something to celebrate. Shutting down one's emotions was no way to live. Giselle now preferred to share what was in her heart with those around her. She had learned an important and valuable life lesson.

Soul Story
Conscious Evolution: The Road to Discovery

In every epoch in history there are seekers and discoverers. And today we have a new group called LightWorkers. Those who have been forging their way up to the present are on the brink of new discoveries. They have overcome great obstacles to get where they are now and the treasure awaiting them is what all explorers seek - the truth of their soul waiting to be released.

In the days of old, these truths were passed on in secret ceremonies. A hero or heroine was sent on a journey to discover their true self by confronting a series of challenges that were put in front of them. Today's heroes and heroines are no different. Their new found self is the result of circumstances they have faced and overcome. Now they are ready to move ahead into the next cycle, that of teaching what they have gained experientially. It is here that their radical shift has to take place. They must become teachers to pass on the new knowledge gained.

A healer is no longer a healer when the last of her wounds have been cleansed and healed. Now she can be a teacher of the truth of that lesson. Those seekers behind her approaching that particular threshold, will find comfort in the knowledge that they too can win this battle, that healing journeys do have an end and their sights can be set beyond that. It is here that all transitions take place, right on the cusp of ending one episodic adventure while the next one rises over the horizon.

This helps the explorer move from random searching to the realm of conscious evolution. Choosing discovery means we have arrived. We are at the Promised Land the golden fleece is at hand as are all the great prizes cited in so many historical accounts - especially the soul. But we're not done yet, because the soul has many such journeys to take and this is but one of them.

This particular achievement sets the tone for a pattern that repeats itself with some regularity. This pattern cannot be discerned until the seeker arrives at the doorstep of discovery. Only from this vantage point can we see the whole panorama of what has just transpired. All the subtle nuances that served as gentle reminders earlier are now present in bold relief, clearly delineated from their fuzzy origins. The hero/heroine can literally see what they've been through and why It had to proceed in just that fashion.

It is here that the hero or heroine recognizes the order and value in all that has transpired in their lives. They can see now that every detail of their life had meaning. Nothing was wasted. Everything had a purpose in helping them reach this particular threshold. Their whole existence, this time around, was predicated on the insistence that at the soul level, this is the way it had to be. To get from where they were to where they are now, they had to travel that particular road of trials; and by doing so, they realized the road's function in their lives.

This is quite an arresting experience. All of a sudden everything makes sense. The Divine entering our lives, the mysteries that drove us to seek, the pain we endured along the way and the players we got to meet; they were all part of the journey. This is where God speaks directly to us in our hearts and says something like: "See, I told you you could do it. And you thought it wasn't possible."

Oh yes, God is speaking to us now, loudly and clearly. Amid the cacophony of our previous lives we couldn't hear "The Voice". But at this juncture, it is unmistakable. He is at the helm and we know it in our hearts. Only our egos have a bad time with this realization. They wanted so desperately to be in charge. And history has presented us with many examples of where ego can take a nation - to war, to conquest or to mass suicide. Egos do not have the capacity to lead, only to conquer and accumulate. For the ego is always in competition with other egos and sees the world as "us versus them." The Self knows we are all joined together and leads from the heart. Cooperation, compassion and empathy are the order of the day.

What the ego tries to achieve is a travesty really, a trick of mirrors so to speak. Our poor egos thought they were in charge only to discover the pedals they were pushing were actually disconnected from any real mechanism. Someone or something else, in a clearly different part of the vehicle (our body/mind/spirit), was at the helm. This proves to be a bad day for the ego. But after all, that is clearly part of the journey - to dethrone that petty despot who wanted so desperately to be in control. Only to further discover I might add, that their need for control actually ran the vehicle into the ditch, over and over again.

Time and time again, seekers of every stripe have made that sorry discovery; and to their dismay as well. "WHAT WAS I thinking?" they might ask as they wake up to this fact. "Oh well!" We will all say that at least once in our lives, more than likely many times over. Nevertheless, we did get to this next threshold, didn't we? And here we are, poised on that new brink, ready to take our new discoveries and achievements forward.

This takes us back to where we started, we realize, but we are now armed with the truth. We have arrived in the land of right-mindedness. We no longer celebrate the stupidity that the ego clung to. We are on this threshold of an emerging vitality, rising to meet the Divine through our own inner awareness. There to glorify the truth and sing praises to our Divinity in the process. At some level, we knew we could, once we committed to that wondrous vision before us. Yes, The Divine stands there waiting, arms open wide, ready to receive all His prodigals, as each of us returns from the frontiers of ego-land to the discovery of their own heart and soul. Tired and beleaguered many of us are, but eager all the same. Ready to claim the Divine as their true heritage and release the folly that took them far and wide on that journey through time.

So many wonderful memories though, each aligned in just such a fashion as to provide a linear view of what just happened. Their lives stretched out as it were, with each point on the line representing some crucial turning point on their quest. No wonder they feel so tired at this juncture. They've traveled such a wide and varied road. How could they maintain that energy and pace? That's what we all wonder when we undertake our own review, looking over our shoulder and what just transpired, standing now at this new juncture with discovery in our hands.

This is an amazing place to be. All great artists have passed here before us and illustrated this point in their work. Thomas Merton, Michael Angelo, William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein are good examples. "The Lord is thy Shepherd, thou shall not want," is the truth that all the greats have claimed before us. And even moderns like John Lennon illustrated this kind of knowing in his great song "Imagine." So many great movers and shakers, past and present have charted the path we've just come through. Yes indeed, they were there first. But so are we now. And we are the new generation of Lamp Lighters ready to take the world forward onto its next stage of evolution.

"Are you ready?" some may want to ask. And too many will answer "no" still. But so many more will answer "Yes," a great resounding "YES" rising from their throats and leaping from soul to soul, skipping around the world to the light the Lights of all those ready to take that next step forward. This is part of the journey as well, the activation of the Lights of those ready to move forward, but still waiting for someone to teach them how.
This is the task of the new discoverers, those of you who have journeyed down their path of healing and are now ready to teach. That's the purpose you've been waiting for. It's time to teach what you know. What better way can there be to move you forward once again? A teacher gets to integrate all that he/she has learned, to become comfortable with it, at home with it, before the next jump comes along. Teaching is simply the best way to move forward on one's journey past healing. We do for others what has been done for us, what we have accomplished for ourselves, what we are ready to practice without embarrassment or shame. Yes, we are ready!

This is where God needs us most now and we are conscious of that need. He speaks to us directly from our hearts. He tells us He's been waiting long enough. Now that we are here He speaks to us directly. "Learn to listen," He will say, "and My Voice will become clearer." And we know it's true because we can feel it, right down to our bones.

Oh yes, this is the truth that we've been seeking, the truth that's been lurking in the shadows. All those subtle hints that we took note of before are clearly perceptible now. That was God's Voice all along. We just couldn't quite make it out. But now there's no mistaking it. All the great artists told us about "that still small voice." All the great psychologists and social scientists of our time are telling us the same thing in modern parlance.

This information is historical fact as well as currently valid. The "still small voice" exists and it exists within every one of us, but not so small anymore. Our discovery has been made: "signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours," or so the song says. We have arrived. Every myth in history speaks of that moment. It is cataclysmic. It has never happened before in our lifetime, but it is here now.

"Oh ecstasy," we often say in the midst of great moments. The expletives are never strong enough for this one. We are simply "awestruck." That's our story now. We are at an epiphany of existence - One with God, One with ourselves, wholly integrated, alive and free. No more dogmas! No more lies! No more fears! No more doubts! God is our Shepherd and we know it within our hearts. We are out of the desert now. How wonderful that feels.
As we move on from here, we do so with grace and aplomb, with a confidence unparalleled to this point in our lives. We are "senior students" in a world filled with "juniors," scrambling to find their way. "If only they could see what I see," we wonder. "But they will," we realize, as soon as someone steps in to help them along. That is our job now, to bring the Word of the Lord to all who are still seeking, working their way towards discovery, the world we've just uncovered and claimed, and are now ready to set about mapping.

You see, that's the other purpose behind discovery to be followed by teaching. This new world needs to be uncovered, mapped and described. There are other worlds still waiting beyond, but this one has to be understood first. Systems of uncovering and proper elucidation can be applied to this new territory as these have in previous endeavors. What needs to be learned is begun. The New World is born. Let us bring it to life!

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