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Conscious Evolution
Soul Story: An Inward Journey
By Maurice Turmel

There once was a man named Arthur who chose to live in a land where only creatures roamed. He had come here from a far off place, to be alone with himself and to journey inward where he believed his Soul dwelled. Arthur had grown weary of life's daily demands, of the need to please others in order to gain his bread. He was tired of trying to meet those survival needs at the expense of his Soul. He had journeyed all over the world to find that special place where he believed he could easily enter his inner world and set his Soul free for the very first time.

His journeys around the world had not been wasted. On one of his trips Arthur met a Wizard who taught him the art of meditation. On another journey he encountered a Goddess who instructed him on how to listen to the rhythm of his heart. On another occasion he came across a child who loved to play, sing and dance and, therefore, taught him to appreciate his natural Self. Now that he had left the outer world behind, Arthur wanted to bring all these lessons together to help him turn inward and journey to his Soul. He chose this isolated, unpopulated location to ensure that he would not be disturbed while focused on his quest.

On this particular day, Arthur was preparing to journey inward. But as he was starting his meditation, a beautiful bird flew by, fluttering its wings and creating, for him, a great disturbance. Arthur waited until the bird left and then resumed his preparations. As he was just getting comfortable, a small furry creature scurried by making a great deal of noise, creating yet another distraction. Arthur patiently waited, once more, as the animal moved along, and returned to his special preparations.

Arthur was just about to begin again when some dark gloomy clouds rolled in and the sound of thunder was heard off in the distance. Soon lightning was flashing all about and rain poured down heavily as a storm moved into his area. Again Arthur waited patiently, feeling certain he was being tested, but not understanding why. The storm eventually passed, the rain stopped and the sun came out in full brilliance. Arthur resumed his preparations.

No sooner was he in the most ideal state of mind than an elephant came roaring out of the woods very nearly trampling Arthur in the process. With his heart now in his throat, Arthur tried hard to regain his composure. Eventually he settled down sufficiently to return to his preparations.

This time there was no disturbance, no noisy creatures and no sounds of stirring in the woods. There was no wind, rain or thunder, no distractions of any sort. Arthur's focused attention took him into himself where he entered a world filled with light in crystalline colors and rich lovely hues, glowing and dancing and tickling his imagination. At the center of this radiant delight was a bright reflective gem which beckoned him forward and announced that It was his Soul. Arthur was transfixed by Its awesome beauty. He remained still as he stared ahead, drinking the whole scene in. The bright jewel then began to address him...

"What is your wish, sir?" It asked.

"I wish to be with you," Arthur responded, "my bright luminous Soul. That is why I came on this quest. That is why I prepared so diligently. That is why I waited for all those external distractions to stop." Arthur, breathless now, waited for the gem to reply.

"I see," the gem responded. "So when I came to you as a bird you saw this as a disturbance and waited till I flew away. And when I came again as that rustling furry creature, you once more waited for me to move along. Shortly after, as that thundering storm, you let me roll by once again, unheeded. I then thought if I charged you as an elephant perhaps that would get your attention. But, once more, you held back. So I decided to wait for you here. I prepared this room and filled it with all these bright twinkling lights with rich colors and lush hues and then cast myself into the shape of this large jewel. That's when you finally noticed me. Of course you had a fairly rigid idea of how I should look so I proceeded to meet those expectations."

"You mean," Arthur asked, "that you have been near me all along and I kept mistaking you for something else?"

"Yes, you did," the jewel replied. "I come in many forms and guises to greet you and advise you of my presence. I can take many shapes along the way, give off a variety of scents and make many different sounds including roaring with an elephant's gusto if I'm in the mood to. It's really up to you to take notice. When you have your mind set on a particular shape or circumstance then you will likely miss the thousand-and-one other forms that I may take. After all, as your Soul, I am as capable as He of manifesting myself into all sorts of forms. What you perceive as a tree could be me casting shadows for a small creature living in the grass. What you appreciate as a lake could be Me embracing all manner of aquatic life. What you conceive as the Sun is perhaps Me again, projecting Myself through space to provide warmth and light for planet Earth. I can be all of this and more, acting as a variety of mirrors to your inner life. Wherever you are and whatever you encounter may be another occasion for you to experience Me anew."

Arthur was listening intently now and the jewel carried on.

"Your journey is not to find the perfect formula for meditation and inner contemplation. When you 'feel' and 'experience' your Self to the fullest, then you will see me everywhere, in every creature, in every person, and in every event of your life. For as your personal Sun, I radiate to you from all these sources, not just from within. Do you understand, my friend? Do you now grasp who and what I am?

I am your Soul, alive and bright and glowing in all things. Do not look for me in only special places as you will miss me again and again. Even in the tiniest specks of sand I may be found. When you look for me, look everywhere. For I am your Soul, your Forever Friend, your gift from God, here to guide you and teach you and help you unfold into that most glorious of beings that you are. Now return to the world above, my friend, and notice what goes on around you. You are a sacred being in a sacred place, here to discover yourself in the reflective face of everything you encounter. Do not miss a bird or any other worthy creature for I may come along as an elephant again and give you another start."

And so Arthur awakened from his trance to revel in all that was around him. This time he noticed the beautiful bird flying overhead and the small furry creature as it quickly scurried by. He didn't need a storm or a charging elephant to capture his attention. He was awake and alert and he quickly observed that everything around him had a special glow. All life was sacred he remembered, as was he.

Arthur decided to leave this isolated land to return to the life he had before this quest began. This time he noticed everything, drank in all his experiences and appreciated the wonders that were part of his daily life. There was a special glow with him too as he continued awakening to that inner Light. And with that he felt grateful and certain once again.

Soul Story

Conscious Evolution: Coming Home

Imagine going out into the wilderness on your own, with no desire except to notice what is going on around you. Can you see yourself doing that? Filling yourself up as it were, with all those luscious feelings, your senses alive and full, your heart leaping for joy at every sound and discovery. Can you feel this in your heart, this particular brand of magic, as it unfolds through you? This is your life you see, magical and all, full of His Breath and yours right beside it.

Earth life was meant to be this spell binding adventure from the very beginning of our lives. It was meant to be exciting, titillating and challenging. I am wondering myself at this time where I would be if I didn't know about this. The smells of life come leaping forward. I take a deep breath and I am filled with nature's lore. It's my job because He sent me here to do just that. He wanted soldiers and emissaries He could count on to bring back the news of this wonderful planet. He wanted all manner of life to abound here and He needed us to taste it so we could report on its magnificence.

That is our task, to instruct about what we see, to fill our cups and pursue more of all that's available. I know that this may sound somewhat radical, simplistic ever, or religious. But that is not so. It is the wonder of this world that counts. We count too, among the flowers and the bees, the fruits in the trees and the great variety of stimuli that confront us.

We are His pageantry as well, some blooming more than others, some rapacious, others harvesting, bringing home the crop of His wondrous delights. It is we who experience all this. It is He who tells us so. It is we who report back to Him. It is He who smiles and says: "Thank you so much. I wondered what happened in that part of the world."

His eyes are ours you see. He sees through us, into this magical hinterland that He created and set free to evolve on its own. He set us free as well, but with a guiding light, a consciousness that speaks about all that we do. He apprises us often about what is going on in His thoughts and He asks us to return to Him those earthly gems He may have misplaced that last time He passed through here. It is we who roam this earth for Him. It is He who advises us on potential discoveries in our adventures.

"Look here!" He says. "Look there! Oh, isn't that wonderful."

And our hearts leap for joy at every discovery. Passion you see sets the heart on fire. Passion succeeds beyond measured boundaries. It is He who created those boundaries in the first place, then gave us passion so we could leap over them and discover what lay beyond.

There are many tales from our human history that advise us against taking such leaps. Eating the fruit off the tree of good and evil springs to mind as an example. He urged that back then, but never as an advisement to not approach later on. He gave us that instruction because we weren't ready for the level of awareness the tree would provide. It's just like we're not ready at this time for things that will be unveiled to us in the future.

What is essential now is for us to see that we are ready for the threshold that has just opened before us. It awaits our commitment to leap across. It wants us to move on and take care of business as this is presented in the new realm. We will get to those yet to be discovered matters later on.

Let's move back to where we started with heroes and heroines and their growth process. They are learning this lesson as well. What are they ready for? It's there right in front, not behind, but in front, clearly visible when we open awareness' eyes. He can't make it any more tantalizing than that, a tasty morsel dangling in front of us. Who can say it isn't good. Let's have a try, shall we. It really does look good. He doesn't want us to stay behind any longer. The tree of good and evil, or knowledge if you prefer, is finished for now. We have discoveries and learning to do. He is presenting new options to us as we speak.

"Get out of the way," He'll say, "and get moving again. It's time to march toward those new adventures I have prepared for you. There may be perilous times ahead but, I'll guide you and take you past those shoals of addiction, anger and hatred. These are the result of misguided catechisms, much the same all over the world. They tell you to stay put when I need you to move forward. Open your heart and your mind and I'll speak to you individually. I'll take you there as I said I would and we will travel this adventure together. We can't afford to fumble in the dark any longer. It is time to move forward with eyes wide open."
We will hear this message in our hearts, of course, as if He were speaking to us directly. He is, and we will know it with the certainty that is tied to our souls. Only our souls can tell us the truth now. All those blaming muzzles out there, pointing their jargon at us, they are just afraid, are they not? They are gravely concerned that if we undertake to roam free then we will honor them no longer. In their world that is a tragedy. For who will remain that they convince and bring into their foolishness to keep their ranks flush?

We are prepared for far more than prescriptions at this stage in our development. We are hungry for more than they have to offer. Jesus said: "You shall do things greater than this," referring to the miracles he was touted for. This statement is a message to us from the past. It is ready to be opened and fully realized for its full value.

This is His time to be with us. The great cycle of life has come around to our beginning. We are at the doorstep of His Heart again.

"Hello Lord," we will say. "I'm back. Here's what I learned out there. May I come in for a minute and share that with you?"
"Of course," He'll say as He greets us at the door. "I am so honored that you are back and you've arrived at My door so quickly. How have you been? Was it a wonderful adventure? If so, tell Me, for I am always hungry for news. Let's have a cup of tea shall we, and celebrate this adventure of yours. Let's sit and talk for a while as you unwind from this journey. I can see it was perilous at times. Many challenges came your way; some missteps occurred; some victories were won; experiences designed to teach you so you could mature and glow. I am so pleased to see you. Come on in and stay awhile. We will review this together, as we have in the past."
There you have it, a friend at the gate, welcoming you to His House, which is yours. What's His is also yours, you've come to realize. His realm may be the mightiest but yours is there too, contributing to the whole as it was meant to do. He is so pleased to see you. How can you go wrong with that?

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