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Conscious Evolution
Soul Story: Let Your Feelings be Your Guide
By Maurice Turmel

The light of all eternity shines with me now
My feelings light up my life
How I find my way is determined by them
They illumine my path and show me who I am

When I was young, I felt so many things
Then came the day when I could not stand the pain
My world was chaos then, filled with sorrow and grief
So I closed up to protect that fragile Self within

Years would go by before I could open again
I was forced to by circumstances beyond my control
Life dealt me blows which I later recognized as my own
To awaken me to that sorrow deep within my Soul

I worked hard to find my way back to the Light
To that place within where I could feel once again
There my Heart shone forth with a brave face
And shed light on all that I had concealed

Now I see how I closed that tender-hearted Self
How I froze in the face of my destiny
Troubles swirled around as a constant source of grief
And I fell to sleep out of fear

I am awakening now to the deep void within
Where I’ve stored all those troubles and pain
I fight my way back to that center once again
So I can come forth completely and be true

My life moves forward as of this day
When I committed to finding my true Self
I’ve engaged all manner of demons on this journey
To return to that Source deep inside

I wish for life to fill me now and bring all it can
I am thirsty for experience and for growth
I want lavish riches from my Soul to fill me
So that I can truly enjoy all that I behold

This work is sometimes difficult as I have learned
But no more than any task requiring Love
This journey enriches me with its purpose
And fills me with Life and Soul

This is my gift to myself, my own holy Soul
To have, to hold and to behold
This Heart that bled is now healing its wounds
And can prosper again from what Life brings

Let there never be a return to where hurts cramp me up
And fill me with bitterness and pain
I am awake now, yes, and can move ahead
To appreciate all that Life has assigned

Oh glory to you, my Sweet Soul, for coming this day
I thank you from the bottom of my Heart
We two can sing together the praises of Love
That take us forward on this journey through time

Never let it be said that one so deserving
Could not find his or her way Home
All whom will follow shall see this Light in turn
And know that their journey can be won

I take you with me now, my Sweet Soul
For you are here in my hands
Where I can behold you
And together, we can be so bold

“Move on,” you say to me. “Move on, my love
The Light wishes for us to do so”
And my Heart sings with the possibilities
So that “Yes” is the answer I can render with ease

My Heart is filled with Love and joy in this moment
Knowing that I am with you, my Soul
My feelings tell me you are there and always were
Till that sleep came over me earlier on

By awakening to your touch do I know You
And find my own truth there in your eyes
You show me through Love what my purpose can be
I am inspired by this attentive design

I am pleased we are here together, in this life
I am pleased that our love is so strong
For now I can reach you, my Sweet Soul Sublime
When you call to me from deep within my Heart

I have your answer Dear, and know this to be true
That you and I are forever to be born
In this life or another, we join with each other
And We Soar . . . And We Soar . . . And We Soar . . .

Soul Story

Conscious Evolution: The Voices

When the Voice of the Creator announces Itself from within our selves, we will be at a new dawning for the human race as a whole. This will be the vanguard of a new era, one in which all members of the race will be duly informed from within.

Like our fictional characters in The Voice - A Metaphor for Personal Development, we will be alerted to our duty by our direct line to that source. This Voice will announce Itself as our Lord and begin instructing us in the most efficient manner possible. No longer will we be guided by another's interpretations of what's best for the race. And no longer will we be limited in our thinking by the swarthy ambience of would be soothsayers. These too will pass by the wayside. In times of old such individuals were the legendary folk heroes who foretold the future. Their days are done now, for good.

In modern parlance we might refer to the soothsayer within as the ego, that puppet of domination who presumed to know what's best for us. Having moved through recovery we will know in our hearts that this portion of the personality is no longer valid. Removing it from its privileged post will lay to rest our outer need for control and dominance. The circle becomes a possibility now because we do not need to be in control or controlled by others. Puppet dictators fall to the wayside, along with egos and other pretenders to the throne of our thinking. They are destined for the woodpile, no longer necessary, no longer desired.

These artifacts of old are finished as we move into this new century and millennium. We need a new standard, a new vision for our purpose and efforts, a new concept of how to proceed and unfold our talent and true worth. The Voice speaks loudly now as we learn to listen effectively. We hear for ourselves what God needs, what He wants, and how He sees us unfolding.

Each new vision takes us into His mind and shows us His purpose. Oh, we will always have the privilege of refusing, as we do now, but He will not be showing us pictures that are repulsive in the least.

He will only show us what is in our hearts and, therefore, what we need to accomplish for our spectacular unfolding. His is not an Oligarchy, but a presence, a sensing, an inner stirring and emerging direction that takes us forward on our true path.

God's path for us is our path for ourselves. We are informed by His will. Yet, we remain free to choose. We are free to be as happy as we can. Since we no longer wish to struggle, we can choose that which suits us best. It is easy after all, being God ourselves that is. It is easy to choose one's truest path when one hears the voice of reason from deep within.

His is the way, we then learn; because His is ours as well. We are One now and resting in the knowledge that we are One. So making such decisions is no longer an uncertain matter. We know of which we speak because we feel it in our hearts. And we know of which He speaks because we feel that as well. How can we fail with all this awareness pouring in, with His heartbeat next to our own?

It is simply not possible to fail, is it? No, not in the least! When we are finally linked to the truth and can hear it clearly for ourselves, we can only make the best of choices. Which brings up another matter, we must know our hearts to the depths of our being. How do we get there? Where does this part of the journey begin?

We see in "The Voice," that the characters are taught to unfold through attending to their own internal referents. These referents are called feelings in modern parlance, feelings which ascertain the state of our being. Listening to our feelings we discover, is no small task. It requires trust and faith, and oddly enough, we don't achieve that level of faith on our own. We actually have to be taught by others to trust our selves.

Seems silly don't you think, that the very nature of our being is what we avoid most of all; at least in our current state of cultural evolution. The sign of the times is the dysfunctional family, with its convoluted scripts and confusing interaction patterns that define its very foundation. This is who we are today and what we are trying to evolve from. It is through trusting our feelings that we eventually break the cycle of attack and counter-attack. The patterns of neurosis and self-defeating behavior we see today constitute our heritage from this dysfunctional family influence.

Somewhere, way back when, we began to go astray, to distance ourselves from our natural self. One theory suggests we wanted to move away from our center, to experience something different, so we could return more enlightened than when we set out. We believe this to be the plight of many modern seekers and stands as the sine qua non of our times. Simply put, we have gotten lost in a morass of dysfunctional lying. We've lied to ourselves and to each other. We did this to avoid pain. And in so doing, we created pain; more pain than we could imagine had we avoided the avoidance altogether!

This is a sad state to find ourselves in. Lying to ourselves like that, then looking elsewhere for a way out. We re-capture the flavor of this in our old hero myth. The hero / heroine has to go to the underworld to rescue a child that's chained to a wall. The child is being watched by a guard dog. His name is Cerebus in myth, or negative ego if you prefer a contemporary reference. The hero does not attack, but tricks the dog by lulling him to sleep before rescuing the child from its chains. The hero meets a host of characters during this process, including images of parents that have to be circumvented. The hero / heroine is always assisted by a God or Goddess in their venture, an angelic figure who helps them find their way. The story ends when the hero has their prize - the rescued child as metaphor for their reclaimed True Self.

The goal of therapy, of depth therapy that is, is to uncover the self. The self is our direct connection to the soul. The soul is where the heart is. The heart is our feeling center and where our soul resides. The soul is the Voice of God within each of us. We are all on a journey toward God, and that journey inevitably leads to the heart of our very being. It is here where we must retrieve all those abandoned pieces of ourselves, left strewn about during our dysfunctional family years, and clamoring for attention ever since.

Our therapy takes us back to center and teaches us to trust ourselves again. Now begins a new journey, a journey of awakening and working directly with God. A new metaphor is required. The hero's journey is behind us. What lies ahead?

The image of the circle is where we are taken to now, at least on the collaborative level. We still have to deal with our selves. We have arrived at a new level of maturity, but what now? We know the old rules don't apply anymore. And we can't turn to our ego/protector because he's been relegated to the back forty to graze upon the grasses of a bygone era.

What we are facing now is a whole new world, where the rules are not known, where the motives remain scarce and difficult to find, where the features of the landscape are veiled in mist. We are in the New World, the place where heroes arrive after their self-rescuing quest. Now they have work to do. They must define who they are by a new set of parameters. They must meter out knowledge as they acquire it. They must announce to the world the truth of their arrival and the validity of their heroic undertaking.

Too many of the heroes contemporaries will continue to cycle through their dysfunctional family dilemmas, rather than take a chance on the New World. They are comfortable with recovery and afraid to leave it behind. But they will be watching and they will take note of what these heroic individuals outline for themselves and how they will live as guided by their new found center of being. Eventually these watchers will cross over, realizing that this is a worthy step and try for themselves this new way of being. They will learn many things too now because all bets are off. The New World has a new set of rules and learn them they must.

The first of these new rules is that there are no rules as was the case in ego dominated times. The second is that heroes and heroines do not conquer anymore, they listen! They pay attention to what's going on inside and they listen to their cohorts whom they've come to realize are equally heroic. Thirdly, they operate from a base called Love. Not the love depicted in sexual relationships, but Love as in breathing love, as in the very essence of their being, their place in the world, and their connection with the Divine.

They know where they belong now and that they have a right to be wherever they wish. That right was Divinely granted and is immediately accessible through their inner referents. There, in their feeling center, they know the truth because they battled their way to this truth and left no stone unturned in the process. This is hard won privilege, not to be relinquished at any cost, and not to be doubted. What goes on here is the truth, as if God were standing there reading it to them.

There's no denial here, and no questioning either! That is for fools and upstarts, and those who still live in the world of ego and fear. Those persons are not quite ready for this brand of truth. But when they do arrive, they too will seize it and never let it go. Never! Once you attain that level of insight you know for certain where you stand. On solid Divinely imbued ground!

So the tools of this New World are plenty and may seem like those older tools except they come without doubt. You know what these new tools can do for you and you can see that they behave in a very different fashion. In an Oligarchy, you had to pay tribute to a singular individual, or small group, who stood outside your self and delivered pronouncements. In this circle of Love, there are no such individuals. He / she have been recycled and are busy listening to their selves. They may look around periodically to see if everyone else is receiving that broadcast, but they are clearly tuned to their own truth.

Our students on Planet Rapture did exactly that as they began uncovering those final layers of defense and denial before The Voice came through loud and clear. At that point they could hear the same message when His broadcast came through for general awareness. But they also heard personal announcements tailored to their specific lives, that is, they received instruction from their deepest self, their God Self. The enigma for them, and for us, is that this was available all along.

Here we have a preview of what's up ahead. Our students learned to survive and flourish with those new tools - truth, inner reassurance, acceptance, love, The Voice, and the challenge of practicing these new ways. We too shall learn such things as move along now. Our lessons have already begun. The stage is set. We await the new curriculum. And we create it as we go along. What an amazing practice this will be. Discover the new path! Teach the new path! Holy smokes Batman, me thinks there is a revolution in the works. Let's see what happens next.

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