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How can I express myself creatively and find my life's purpose?

heart to heart
I am a highly creative person and see the world with an aesthetic eye but have always worked in administration or office environments where I exercise a less expressive, drier type of intelligence. The steps to having a livelihood where I can express my infinite potential appear to elude me although I have followed a very adventurous and enquiring path through life. Not knowing what I truly and specifically want is a barrier and probably behind that is the self-belief that I can't succeed. Knowing my life's purpose would be the greatest achievement. What to do right now?
Wallace's reply
Wallace Your life’s purpose is like a beautiful, flowering, apple tree. At the start it is only dream seed in God’s eye. The gardener is always careful to plant Gods dream seed in fertile ground. As she nurtures that dream seed a little shoot emerges. This is a critical point. When the beautiful tree is young and vulnerable the gardener protects it from predators and from weeds that can stifle growth by bringing it on in a controlled environment – the greenhouse. Then when the gardener plants the tree outside he places around the tree a mulching mat and plastic protector. Eventually after much persistent care from the gardener the tree grows into a fragrant and colorful plant that is able to offer fruit to all who pass by and whose branches and leaves form shelter for people and animals in the garden.

In like manner you need to find God's dream seed. It is already waiting deep in your own Heart. The water and the soil it needs is daily meditation and prayer. The shoot is your first delicate expression of your dream. The greenhouse is carefully chosen friends with whom you feel safe in sharing your expression. Then let it grow in the same way a gardener tends his apple tree. Eventually, like the gardener, if you are patient and persistent your creative expression will offer fruit to everyone who passes by and you will be surrounded in pure white flowers and immersed in its sweet perfume.

If you need help with the 'gardening' you can find it in my book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off and its associated email coaching service. In particular read the sections titled 'Your Calling Can Increase Creativity Many thousandfold' – page 60 and 'Your Healing from Inability to Solve Problems' – page 206.

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