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After harrowing life events I feel very stressed and am experiencing unusual psychic experiences - What can I do about this?

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
Live life to its fullest whenever possible in joy and peace serving God, and humanity.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
With whatever time I have left of my life, I would like to live to its fullest in a peaceful way striving for spiritual enlightenment and to have a closer relationship with God. Also I want to raise my three children to the best of my ability so they too can grow strong, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so they can withstand life's difficulties, which they eventually will face.
During the past five years I've experienced the following: severe post-natal depression, rejection and betrayal from my husband therefore suffering the emotional pain of a failed marriage on top of ill health, legal litigation against me concerning our children and ancillary relief proceedings in divorce case which I'm currently privately funding, my Mother's two breast cancer operations and subsequent radio therapy treatment, my Father's sudden death soon after, more court cases and general stress as a full time working lone parent, with no financial help or support from my children's father, as well as trying to protect our children's emotional well being from their father's derisory comments about myself.

Since and during these times, the following have happened. Paralysis - whilst awake lying in bed and feeling a presence trying to invade my body. I've had three bewildering Out of Body Experiences where I've floated around my home. I sometimes see people's aura's but have a tendency to feel good or negative energy emanating from people - this make me feel happy or sick. I sometimes see, what appears to be, bright, moving symbolic images in mind's eye when I close my eyes etc.

On occasion I'll have a lucid dream only for it to happen in real life a few days later. A warm male sounding voice is speaking encouraging words to me within my mind. Once a male image appeared in my room full of telepathic love but disappeared when I grew afraid.

Do you think due to severe stress, something or some hidden ability has been unlocked or disturbed to cause these unusual ad-hoc experiences? What else can I do about this apart from regular health checks, counseling, regular church visits and Prayer?

Wallace's reply
Wallace You do seem to have had a lot to contend with recently. Often it is when we are at our lowest and most distressed that we are given a breakthrough into the spiritual realm. This is God's way of reminding you that you are loved and are not alone. Do not be frightened by what you are experiencing but regard it as reassurance that you are being supported and looked after.

Make it a priority to nurture yourself. Ask who can support you at this present time. I would encourage you to reach out to friends and family for that support. Use the time created to take up any activity that will bring you a sense of being grounded, with your awareness fully engaged in the here and now and a feeling of being happy and contented. Examples of such activities include gardening, (working with the soil), walking in nature, swimming, walking barefoot along the beach with you feet in the sea, baking, flower arranging, having lighthearted fun with friends, etc. Think back through your life and see if you can remember activities you engaged in that resulted in a sense of peace and wellbeing. These activities are a clue to what you need now.

Remember also that stress is never caused by the events in your life, it is caused by your reaction to them and this reaction in turn is caused by your attachment to things working out a certain way, the way you think is best. So as well as learning to look after yourself I want you to reduce and eventually eliminate your reactive tendency, by searching inside for your inner voice, the wisdom of your Higher Self that is connected with and at one with God. Step back and be the witness to the fears and attachments that the mind demonstrates in reaction to what occurs. Become more dependent and trusting of this higher source. I invite you to use your time in prayer to this end. Find God's presence within yourself and replace fear and attachment with unconditional love and acceptance. Developing this spiritual practice is your main learning within your current life situation. As you become more trusting of your true inner voice - rather than the reactive mechanisms of mind - your stress levels will drop dramatically.

The truth is that all this has happened to you for a reason, and God's wisom will become clear in due course. If you ground yourself and practice connecting with God more, through unconditional love - which is your true nature and that of God - my feeling is that these unusual experiences will eventually subside. You will have made a breakthrough into a higher awareness and a new level of love and understanding.

A General Note for Those Reading This Article: Sometimes these spiritual experiences can result from reacting with a high degree of stress to life events, as in this case, and with proper self care they will usually come back into balance. However it is a mistake to try, through exercises, to attempt to illicit these spiritual experiences. Some do believing that they will gain peace of mind and extraordinary psychic powers. There are those who will promise to help you open spiritual centers (known as chakras) with exercises - usually for a hefty fee - regardless of your readiness for this degree of activation! Do not listen to them. However if you lead a life of truth, right conduct, love, devotion to God and public service, like I recommend in my answers, these experiences can and do happen naturally, and no harm is done. The most important prerequisite is to reduce your ego-centrism and have a closer relationship with your spiritual source, normally referred to as God.

This cautionary note does not apply to healing arts such as Reiki or night classes in Yoga, etc., but rather to exercises specifically designed to open chakras - in an attempt to cultivate psychic powers - in advance of their natural development.

Further Help and Resources
If you would like to talk to someone locally about the experiences you are having I suggest you contact the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in England. If you wish to find help in discerning and following your inner voice and connecting with your Higher Self, I recommend my book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off.

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