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My two teenage daughters no longer need me and being relegated to their taxi driver is really getting me down – please help.

heart to heart
I am the father of two beautiful teenage girls 14 and 18. From the time these girls were born they have been my life, now the teens have arrived, "they know it all." I try hard to be understanding and loving but find it very hard faced with the attitudes and not being needed. I think not being needed as much and being relegated to a "taxi driver" is getting me down, I feel very worthless these days.
Wallace's reply
Wallace We have experiences of worthlessness and disillusionment to teach us where to place our dependency. You have depended on your two beautiful daughters for your reason for living. They gave meaning to your life. They needed you and you needed them. However your mutual dependency is out of balance. Our primary dependency and our primary relationship should always be with the God Within our own Heart. When we are dependant on that as our primary dependence then all other relationships in our life find their rightful place. Your two beautiful daughters are teaching you where to place your dependence. You need to listen.

Finally I would ask you to trust that as your daughters mature into young adults, your will re-establish your relationship with them on different grounds.

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