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I have ambitions to make a difference by helping the mentally ill but I am struggling myself – am I doing the right thing?

heart to heart
I am in my late forties, and for once in my life, I thought I was finally in the right job. I kept asking for a job in which I could make a difference. I was assisting the mentally ill in a group home, supposedly to help them get on their feet and move into independent living. I say supposedly because it wasn't that way at all. This business was not operating with integrity.

I got to a point where there seemed to be a very fine line between the clients and myself, or so it seemed. I began to have a very difficult time remaining balanced. I felt, and this was later validated, that the director began doing everything he could to discredit me and one other employee. One day I just quit. I plaid right into their hand. I couldn't take that atmosphere anymore. I am so disappointed in myself that I wasn't stronger. I am intuitive, however, not when it comes to my own "stuff" because I doubt ME! I don't feel I made much of a difference at all.

I am without a job and searching over the Internet because I don't have gas to "pound the pavement." I am scared stiff but have some balance back and am constantly connecting with my higher source. When I was at that job, I couldn't seem to get any clarity. My bills are due in two weeks and I have no money. The utilities and phone (and Internet) will be shut off. It is December and cold. I give plasma for grocery money and a little gas money. I try to stay in an attitude of gratefulness.

Wallace, I felt at the time I quit my job I was doing the right thing. I felt so strongly and now I doubt my decision. I know my thinking has to change if my life is going to change. I really don't do well when it comes to manifesting finances - that has always been a sore spot. Now, I feel like it is a race against time.

How do I adjust my thinking to create more abundance in my life? I keep trying and feel like I can conquer the world one day out of seven!

Wallace's reply
Wallace I know you think you may have made a mistake leaving your job, but I suspect your decision to leave was prompted by a pressing need to get out of that situation. If you had stayed you would have suffered overload. You wanted to work with people who are mentally ill and help them into independent living. Do you realize how demanding that work is? To succeed requires a giving of your self that is far above what most jobs require. To give in this way you need to be physically, psychologically, financially, emotionally and spiritually strong. That is what is required to do such work. Do you have those qualities?

I do not wish to negate your commendable interest in pursuing such a career, but you need to become really strong in yourself first. I suggest as a first step you learn to look after yourself. If you can't look after yourself how can you possibly help another. Therefore seek to get the basics in life right – a loving relationship, a nice home, good relationships with family and friends, simple fulfilling work and some savings or assets to tide you over hard times or to cater for retirement.

Give up the idea of doing something big or noble in order to make a difference and instead focus on giving more love to the little events that make up your everyday life. Learn to trust your intuition and ask it how you can get your life in order.

Further Help and Resources
If you are serious about listening to and following your intuition then I strongly recommend my book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off. This book and its supporting email coaching and web based training will teach you how to get your life in order by harnessing your intuitive powers.

The Success & Abundance articles at Counterpoint would be a good place to find help in learning how to have the right attitude and take the correct actions in order to create abundance in your life.

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