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I'm thinking of becoming a life coach - can you offer any advice?

heart to heart
I was thinking of becoming a life coach. In fact I am doing a life coaching course. I really feel that I have found my niche in life but still the old voices in my head are telling me, "what would you know about life coaching?" Since I started the life coaching course I have also decided to change my nutrition and training. I am extremely motivated by my recent actions. Could you offer any advice for someone starting off in this career?
Wallace's reply
I cringe whenever someone describes life coaching as a career. To me a career is something that requires ambition and drive aimed at an end result - a successful climbing of your chosen career ladder, status and material rewards. Life coaching is a vocation - a calling - borne from a need to grasp the hand of the struggling, the bereaved and the lonely, where in that touching people are helped and a little light shines on the Earth.

In life coaching, assistance is freely given from the heart in response to the request for help. It does not count the fee gained or the cost spent to assist others. It is something apart from the cut and thrust of business and careers.

My advice to you is that if you have heard the call to love and to care, then have as little as possible to do with money in regard to your life coaching activities. Take only what is strictly necessary and earn the rest from other activities unrelated to life coaching. That way your practice will not be compromised by financial considerations and you will be available to coach the broad cross-section of the human family. Through such passionate, committed and generous coaching the voice in your head will fade and your heart will open to the world.

Further Help and Resources
Having first established that life coaching is indeed your vocation, if you do also wish to follow this path as a career, you'll need good advice. SolutionBox are the premier training company offering courses from introductory to advanced coaching levels. You can subscribe to their very helpful 'Mentor Monthly' newsletter.

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