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Why do people ignore me when I answer their questions by giving advice?

heart to heart
Why is it that when I try to put into practice much of the advice you provide in answering the questions of others, I feel as if no one really cares and they don't want to be loved, helped or coached?
Wallace's reply
Without more information about your background, I would surmise that you are giving this advice from an intellectual perspective only. You understand the theory but it is not a reality in your own life. The people you are attempting to help sense this and ignore you.

Teaching this material is different from teaching a subject like geography or book-keeping - you must embody the teaching and be a living example of it. To do that you need to have spent many years devoted to changing yourself so that you can go beyond your ego. If you care to put this effort in then you will be able to teach personal development to people who ask questions and your words will carry weight - although on occasion, even then they may choose to ignore you!

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