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Do I need to think big to attain success in life?

heart to heart
I just saw the movie, The Secret, and as it was the first movie about success I had seen. I learned a lot and I am working on the challenge of changing the way my mind has been programmed to think in my almost 43 years.

I know I need to "fake it" before I make it, which is related to your article about acting like a success and then it will come. However, as an example which I got from the movie, while I am driving I am constantly thinking and saying out loud that I always get green lights and find a great parking space fast. Since I seem to get the red lights at least half the time, it obviously isn't working.

So my question is - I know there are things that are not humanly possible, like for me (a 5'3" person) to naturally slam dunking a basketball on a 10ft rim and for me to get all the green lights all the time. So do I keep saying things that I know are ridiculous? I know with God all things are possible and a man could move a mountain if he had faith, but since I can't move a mountain because I don't have the faith, what is the point of faking it?

I know there are stories of people healing themselves by thinking positively, but not everyone is able to succeed although they have thought positively such as Chris Reeves, etc. I have read many books, like Magic of Thinking Big, etc, and I have changed my attitude, and now focus on my cup being half full, but I feel that it is very difficult to overcome a highly physically/mentally abusive childhood.

Wallace's reply
Wallace Mother Teresa used to say, "None of us can do great things, we can only do a small thing with great love every day". There is so much Truth in that statement. Yet Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity took their dedicated work of love, courage and determination for the most marginalized, into nearly every corner of the world. A small thing done with great love every day works miracles.

It helps a lot if you have a vision, as Mother Teresa had, to focus and direct your daily small gift of love, and that vision can grow as your love grows. However it is a mistake to use your imagination too much by devising grand schemes in your mind which are out of sync with where you are here and now. It is easy to overuse your mind causing loss of energy and stress. Your project will flourish if you simply focus on accomplishing your existing step, while remaining open to new possibilities for growth.

Remember also that the success you seek is to become a living example of love in action. In essence success is about an inner victory where the self is transformed into the Self. Through this transformation the ego burns to ash and your true humanity shines forth.

Realize also that you do not need to achieve great things outwardly to attain this inner transformation. Each of us is born into a unique set of circumstances with our own skills, resources, duties and attributes. Some people may have onerous duties that are a priority - like caring for disabled parents. Still others may be living with restrictions and disabilities of their own which limit the type and ways in which they can offer themselves to the world. Society needs many people who can do simple work and fulfill their duties to their family and others with love.

However we can all achieve that inner victory - whatever our circumstances, or apparent handicaps. And when, with the wisdom that comes with our approaching demise, we judge ourselves for the contribution we have made, we will not ask ourselves how much we have achieved, but rather we will ask ourselves - what was the purity of our intention and the quality of our love?

So I would say to you, continue to pursue success, but let it be inner success as your first priority - choosing those activities that nurture the blossoming of your Love and the opening of your Heart. Choose areas of work and service to society that facilitate this inner blossoming and do not be too concerned as to their scale or reach. Instead focus on expanding your work and the circle of your love one step at a time. If you do this then gradually you will heal and grow into a happy vibrant person.

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