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I have tried all kinds of self-help for my fear and anxiety and it hasn't worked - help me.

heart to heart
I have been suffering from long term anxiety with panic and depression for nearly 7 years which has caused many physical problems, which exacerbate the anxiety, then the physical problem gets worse - a never ending cycle it seems. I have tried all sorts of self help methods and paid out a lot of money. I have no resources left and wonder if you could help. There have been so many traumas that other people seem to sail through but I cannot. My threshold for stress is so low that a letter coming through the door can trigger panic.
Wallace's reply
Wallace You have tried lots of self-help methods and they haven't worked - so I am going to give you a spiritual perspective on your dilemma. Do you know the purpose of your life? Do you know who you are? Do you know where your fear and anxiety come from?

When you are in a state of anxiety it is because you believe that: "I am this body. The world and other people are something separate from me - something outside of me - something threatening!" This belief that "I am this body" makes you weak and vulnerable. Why? Because the body is weak and vulnerable and you are identifying yourself with it.

I feel certain that if you focus on a spiritual path, with which you feel comfortable, you will eventually transcend your fear and anxiety. Why am I so certain of this when all other methods have failed? Because all the great world religions, properly understood, take us on a journey from the individual to the universal, from the ego to the soul, from "I am this body" to "I am timeless, omnipotent, omnipresent, and eternal".

When you experience yourself as soul you are invulnerable to threats and their associated feelings of fear and anxiety.

I strongly recommend that you choose a spiritual path, one to which you feel drawn, and benefit from its teachings and spiritual disciplines. If it is a genuine spiritual path, then you will be nurtured by these teachings and disciplines and by the company of its adherents. In time you will grow stronger as your level of body identification weakens and your soul power comes into prominence.

If you feel unsure about choosing a suitable spiritual path then I recommend reading my book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off as a first step. Like you, I used to be crippled with fear and anxiety and I know how debilitating it can be. My book will give you a true and accurate picture of how to live a spiritual life - a life guided from within - and how you can draw on your inner strength to find peace and contentment. <

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